Want to launch your proofreading business in just
6 days?

Join the challenge and get ready to be the best paid proofreader on planet earth.


Do you want to start your very own, successful proofreading side hustle?

But do you feel overwhelmed with where to start, what to do, and the time to do it?

You don’t have to stress anymore!

Because over the next 6 days, I’m going to give you real, step-by-step action items you can do to get your side hustle started…

all in just 30-45 minutes a day.

I help you turn your love for grammar into your very own successful proofreading business. 

I’m Elizabeth, professional proofreader and creator of Make Money Proofreading.

And I’m a college drop-out.

But that hasn’t stopped me from making thousands and thousands of dollars since I started proofreading in 2006.

In fact, I still proofread as my side hustle! That means I’m in the trenches and know how to help YOU launch your proofreading dream.

It’s my mission to help you learn how to make money proofreading with the grammar skills you already have. We’re going to work on just that with this six-day challenge!

What you’ll learn in just 6 days with the launch your proofreading business challenge…

1. If you really have what it takes to be a successful proofreader.

2. The ONE thing you have to do if you want your proofreading business to succeed.

3. The two ways you can name your business (and why it’s not as hard as you might think).

4. What to do instead of building a website right away (it’s way easier — and free!).

5. How to use one of the most popular (and easiest) proofreading tools out there (it’s free too!).

6. The simplest way to start marketing yourself as a proofreader so you can get clients and start making money.

You don’t want to waste your time on something not right for you.

So before we go any further…

This challenge is for you if…

→ You’re a word lover ready to start getting paid for the typo-finding skills you already have.

→ You’re ready to put in the work to make your proofreading dreams a reality.

This challenge is NOT for you if…

⊗ You’re looking for an easy, get-rich-quick scheme and aren’t ready to put action behind your dreams.

⊗ You think signing up for a challenge will magically make the work happen on its own (I’ll just let you know now — money-making proofreading businesses don’t happen by themselves.)

Still with me? Awesome!

So how does the 6-Day Launch Your Proofreading Business Challenge actually work?

It’s super easy! Just…

1. Register for the challenge & create your account.

2. Read your welcome email.

3. Show up for yourself by logging into your learning center over the next 6 days to complete your daily challenge.

Your challenge is built into an easy-to-use online learning center, where you’ll be able to access your daily challenge, free from outside distraction. 

Each day, I’ll open a brand new lesson for you and send you an email to let you know it’s ready.

Each part of the challenge builds on the day before, laying the foundation for an incredible, money-making proofreading business. 

Imagine 6 days from now being able to say you launched your very own proofreading business.

Over the next 6 days, I guarantee you…

→ NO fluff. Your time is valuable and I respect that! Each day is specially designed to give you everything (and only the things) you need to know to fast-track your business launch.

→ Step-by-step action items. At the end of each day, you’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

My support. I don’t get you in this challenge and then leave you. It’s my mission to help you succeed.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Proceed as if success is inevitable. – Unknown

FAQs you’ll actually want to read!

When does the challenge start?

When you register, you’ll create your login and get immediate access to your intro material. Then over each of the next six days, a new section of the challenge will unlock inside your course.

What materials do I need to take the challenge?

You’ll need a laptop/computer and internet access. And that’s it! 

What if I can't make all six days of the challenge?

You will have access to each previous days’ material every day of the challenge, and you’ll also keep access to your challenge after the six days are over. However, the challenge is specially set up to build on each day’s previous challenge and be completed within the six days for maximum results. Each day should take just 30-45 minutes. 

That’s just 45 minutes for six days to show up for yourself and your proofreading dream. Schedule it into your calendar, mark it is a priority, and make this happen for YOU!

What is the challenge like inside?

The challenge is built into a course area so you have a distraction-free spot to focus on your action items. I’ll send you an email each day when the next day’s section is unlocked, and you can hop right in and get your action items knocked out. 

Inside the course, you’ll read your challenge information for the day and then complete the action items in the order indicated. The action items help you take the info you just learned and step you through exactly what you need to do to build your business for that day!

How will I get access to the challenge?

As soon as you register for the challenge, I’ll send your login link and introduction material. You’ll want to read that right away to get set up for success over the next six days. 

Am I on my own during the challenge?

You can work on the challenge any time of the day (or night!) that works for you. There’s no pressure to show up at a certain time of the day.

But I don’t leave you to plow through this challenge by yourself! We’ll be doing it together. Open comments are built into the challenge for you to interact with me and your challenge mates.

I have more questions. Can I email you?

Of course! Click here to send me an email. I’ll respond within 24 hours (please allow for additional time over weekends/holidays).

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product, no, I do not offer refunds. All sales are final. 


This is a six-day challenge, with content pulled from my completely comprehensive course Make Money Proofreading and specifically curated to help you fast-track getting the groundwork to your business launched.

Just like I promised above, you can take everything you’ll have here in this action-packed challenge and start your proofreading business! But you won’t be swimming in a bathtub of hundred-dollar bills by the end of our six days together with just this challenge. You’ll still need the community and support that only comes from digging deeper with Make Money Proofreading.

This intro course is to fast-track your business launch, get you started, lay a kick-butt foundation, and see if you’re excited about continuing. If you are, I have a special offer at the end of this six-day course to help you keep growing your business with me. And if you’re not ready, that’s okay! At least you know what works for you and what doesn’t!

I’m telling you this now at the beginning because I believe in being completely upfront and honest with you so you know exactly what to expect together over the next six days (and beyond).

Ready to start building your proofreading business today? I know I am!

Let’s do this!

Testimonials, feedback, and reviews are directly from students. They have not been compensated for their comments. Success/results/income is not guaranteed and can vary from student to student. Proofreading is not a "get rich" and "get rich quick doing nothing" business. It takes diligence, learning, and showing up for yourself to get the results you want. No coaching, training, or course will give you the life you want to have; you have to put in the work. Your success is up to you!

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