Get paid to fix typos

Learn how to become a successful proofreader

The best work is fun, profitable, and doesn’t involve asking some dude for a day off. 

As a professional proofreader, I get paid to read and fix mistakes — two of my favorite things. And there’s plenty more work where that came from. 

If burying your nose in a good read, sniffing out grammar errors, and correcting spelling mistakes sounds like your idea of a good time, I can teach you how to turn your natural skills into a fun, money-making business. One that:

  • Brings in enough cash to pay off your debt, take your family on vacay, or quit your 9-to-5 entirely
  • You can do wherever you live
  • Allows you to set your own schedule, your own dress code — your own rules

Your new side hustle is waiting!

Typos and poor grammar in books, websites, blogs, college papers, and other content won’t stand a chance against you! Once you master marketing, a general proofreading business offers lots of variety, has a low cost to start, and a short training time.

Stop stressing over your general proofreading side hustle — my guides can help!

Become a transcript proofreader for court reporters and spend your days proofreading transcripts of legal proceedings. Once fully trained, a transcript proofreading business offers high income potential from consistent, grateful clients.

Get your questions answered in my workshop, Is Transcript Proofreading the Right Money-Making Business for You?

I’m Elizabeth Wiegner, The Proofreading Business Coach.

Since 2006, I’ve made a living as a proofreader. But there’s nothing special about me. If I can make enough as a proofreader to quit my corporate job, you can too! All it takes to become a successful proofreader is learning how to make money fixing typos. 

You’re already the Sherlock Holmes of the typo world, so we’ll consider that box checked. But the “learning to make money” part? That’s where I come in as The Proofreading Business Coach. I spent years taking courses, consulting gurus, googling a ton, making good old-fashioned mistakes, and putting everything I learned into my guides and courses so that you can skip the trial-and-error phase and hit the ground running with your new proofreading business from day one. 

But even I will admit that my guides and courses aren’t enough. That’s where the “business coach” part of my job title comes in. Ask any of my students or graduates, and they’ll tell you that I can’t help but get invested. I’m here to hold your hand through every step, no matter where you are in the process. We’re a team, you and I, and your success is my success.

Skipped to the end?

No biggie! Here’s what I really want you to know: You can have a life full of the money, flexibility, and joy you’ve been dreaming of, and proofreading work can help you get there. This fancy-schmancy PDF I put together will give you more info on proofreading all in one place.

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Testimonials, feedback, and reviews are directly from students. They have not been compensated for their comments. Success/results/income is not guaranteed and can vary from student to student. Proofreading is not a "get rich" and "get rich quick doing nothing" business. It takes diligence, learning, and showing up for yourself to get the results you want. No coaching, training, or course will give you the life you want to have; you have to put in the work. Your success is up to you!

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