Do you need a proofreading business coach to make money as a proofreader?

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As a professional proofreader who also coaches other proofreaders, I know this to be true: 

You don’t have to have a proofreading business coach to start your business, but if you want to be successful – make money, work anywhere and anytime you want – with the least amount of stress, overwhelm, and wasted time, then having a proofreading coach will make all the difference in the world.

In fact, having a proofreading business coach can make the difference between you only wanting to be a proofreader and actually making it happen.

When I started my proofreading business nearly 20 years ago, I knew
1) I was really good at catching typos and grammar errors
2) I wanted to help people with that skill I had
3) and I wanted to make some money!

(That probably sounds like you too, doesn’t it!)

However…let’s just say it wasn’t a walk in the park turning my passion into a money-making business.

(You probably feel this too. You know you’d like to proofread, but how are you supposed to make money doing it!)

When I started, I googled until my fingers fell off and went down a billion and one rabbit trails…and I stressed myself to no end.

I made a lot (and I mean a LOT) of mistakes trying to set up my business, figure out my rates, market and connect with clients, handle challenging situations…the list goes on. 

They’re the kind of mistakes your mind likes to remind you of when you’re falling asleep and your toes curl up in embarrassment.

And then I think of all the time I spent trying to figure things out on my own, opportunities I missed, clients I ran off, and unnecessary stressful moments I had as a solo entrepreneur with little to no guidance and drama-filled “support” communities…

In fact, I even gave up on my business and went into corporate for a while before I finally came back to my senses and gave it a try again.

I made it in the end, but, gosh, it was hard…and it took longer than it should have. 

The good thing though? 

You don’t have to go through what I did to be successful. 

See, all those years of research, learning, taking courses, making mistakes, and then growing and consulting gurus…I pour all the good from that into my training so that you can skip the trial-and-error phase and hit the ground running with your new proofreading business 🔥

But even I will admit that my course isn’t enough (and I’ve made it the BEST out there!).

That’s where the “business coach” part of my job title comes in. My transcript proofreading students and graduates will tell you that I can’t help but get invested.

I’m here as your mentor. I’m here to motivate you, give you some tough love when you need it, celebrate your wins, and believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. 

With my years of experience both as a proofreader and working with proofreaders, I’m able to look at what you’re doing from the outside and see what’s going wrong and what’s going right and encourage you where and how you need to pivot (or keep going) to become the proofreader you want to be. 

In other words, we’re a team, you and I, and your success is my success.

With me, you have a safe, encouraging place to learn, and you’re supported and respected. And I’m very involved with you as a student…and beyond as a grad!

So to revisit the question of this post, Do you need a proofreading business coach to make money as a proofreader?…

Let me ask you a couple questions so you can make the best decision for yourself.

1) Are you someone who already knows how to proofread, how to set up a proofreading business, how to get clients, and then how to manage those clients once you have them? Are you a loner who is confident you’re ready to go on your own? Do you prefer not to get feedback and rather figure it out as you go? If that’s you, having a coach wouldn’t benefit you. You should act on what you know and get your business going so you can start making money! 

2) Are you someone who loves grammar and spelling and fixing mistakes but doesn’t know much about running a business or handling clients (or even getting those clients in the first place)? Would you love the support of not only a coach but a community that encourages you, helps you stay on track, and answers your questions when you need them? Are you open to taking feedback so you can be the most successful proofreader possible? Then you and your business would thrive with a proofreading business coach! 

If the latter is you, then I know the proofreading business coach for you 😉

Curious to learn more about transcript proofreading and my training + coaching to see if they would be good fits for you?

Tap here to watch my free workshop (and then email me if you have any questions afterward so we can chat!).

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Wiegner is a work-from-home proofreader and business coach who teaches other readers and typo fixers how to build a life of freedom as a proofreader. Her energy, love, and personalized support are second to none in the proofreading world.