Transcript proofreading is fun. You get to read for a living. You get to work on your own schedule. You get paid to fix typos. And you get to work with awesome clients. What’s not to love?

But there is that seemingly hard part that nobody looks forward to: marketing.

For most of us, aside from immediately feeling intimidated and overwhelmed, marketing makes us feel icky. Trying to “sell yourself” to total strangers feels awkward to begin with. Most of the time it feels like you’re constantly pestering people who don’t want to give you the time of day anyway.

It sounds fake and spammy! It can turn away the clients you need and leave you feeling defeated and stuck. 

That is just too much stress, especially when you’re trying to juggle a business and all the other challenges in life. And no one has the time or energy for that.

And that’s why I spend so much time teaching my students how and where to reach out and get court reporter clients in a personable (and non-spammy) way.

I teach you how to communicate with your soon-to-be clients like people, so you’re actually making connections, instead of using a scattershot marketing method and hoping nobody gets annoyed.

I teach you how to use your personality (whether it’s big and bold or quiet and reserved) to connect with court reporters so they love working with you, for you. I help you feel comfortable about marketing, like talking to new friends. And as my students and I can attest, those clients often really do become friends!

In short, you’re not left alone to figure out how and where to market. No cliche marketing techniques that make people hate you.

Each of my grads (whether introvert or extrovert) who has followed my marketing advice and shown up consistently to get clients has found court reporters to work with. It’s worth the investment and it makes a huge difference. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to see it through, my course will help you get the results you need!

Before marketing comes practice and skill building.

Before you start working with court reporters, you must make sure you are ready to show up for your new clients and be the best proofreader possible! That means you know how to work with punctuation and grammar specific to the spoken word, understand legal terminology, know how to research, know how to work with court reporter preferences, understand how to communicate efficiently and professionally with your clients, how to manage your business, and the importance of business ethics and confidentiality.

It’s not a “get rich quick doing nothing” business. It takes work and effort (and it’s SO worth it!)

Does the thought of marketing to get court reporter clients make you feel icky? You’re not alone! That’s why I teach a very genuine, personal way to get clients (and I tell you where to go get them too!) after I make sure you have the confidence and experience you need to be successful. Learn more about if transcript proofreading is a good fit for you in my free workshop. Tap below to watch it — it’s less than an hour!

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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Wiegner is a work-from-home proofreader and business coach who teaches other readers and typo fixers how to build a life of freedom as a proofreader. Her energy, love, and personalized support are second to none in the proofreading world.