The best practical gift ideas for proofreaders


Proofreading has such a flexible, work-wherever lifestyle that it doesn’t require many office supplies, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can get to make your proofreading side hustle even more enjoyable!

If you’re a proofreader and need to send a subtle hint to your significant other about what you’d like for a gift or you want to treat yourself, check out these best gift ideas for proofreaders.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. All are products I use or have used or are close replacements I have found for those no longer made. I am not responsible for the quality of the items you receive or your personal enjoyment of them.

Blue light blocking glasses


These Cyxus blue light blocking glasses were the first pair I ever got, and even though they’re super affordable, they lasted me for years! They’re sturdy, comfortable, and clean easily. Plus they come in several different colors!


If you like a bigger frame and bolder colors, check out this pair of Peepers. I have this exact color and frame (blue quartz Next Level), and I get so many compliments on these Peeper blue light blocking glasses!

Desk and electronic accessories

Lap desk and laptop stand

When I’m sitting on my comfy side of the couch and using my laptop to proofread, I prefer to use a lap desk and laptop stand. The lap desk makes it much easier to balance my laptop on my lap, and the stand keeps my laptop from overheating and at the right ergonomic angle to keep my wrists supported.

These are not the exact lap desk and stand that I have as mine are both out of stock, but these are the most similar. I like a laptop desk with a firm cushion instead of the flimsy bean bag filling material, so this is a good substitute for mine. And this laptop stand is very similar to the one I use all the time.

Adjustable standing desk riser

We do a lot of sitting as proofreaders, so one way I’ve helped offset that is by using an adjustable standing desk riser. I have it set up on top of my usual desk and manually raise and lower it whenever I want to stand or sit. I love that I can turn any desk into an adjustable one! It’s very heavy and sturdy and takes a little effort to change the height, but I’ve had it for years and taken it through a lot of moves, and it’s held up very well.

iPad pillow holder

If you use an iPad to proofread, this iPad/tablet pillow holder will…hold your iPad 😄 and has a spot to hold your stylus or Apple Pencil. It lets you hold your iPad in four different positions and is compatible from the iPad Pro to Mini — and your Kindle!


I don’t use a stylus anymore (I prefer to proof with my finger), but when I did use a stylus, I used an Adonit Dash and loved it. It has a precise point so it’s easy to make annotations exactly where you need to make them. The Adonit Dash I used is no longer made, but this is their updated version.

iPad case

I like this iPad case because it lets me prop my iPad up at different angles and also has a hand strap on the inside of the back that I can loop my hand through to help hold it.

Health and wellness

Under desk walking pad 

As proofers, we sit a lot, and if we have an adjustable standing desk, we stand a lot. But we’re still pretty stationary with our jobs and it’s easy to miss out on movement and feel antsy or lethargic. I recently got this under desk walking pad to walk in place while I proof, and I love it! It has wheels on the front so it’s really easy to wheel around, and it doesn’t have any arms so it keeps a low profile. The display on the treadmill tracks miles, steps, speed, and calories. It does make a normal treadmill sound, but I didn’t find it distracting or annoying. The only small drawback is the power cord is just under 6 feet long, so you need to be close to an outlet. It’s made a big difference with my work energy and getting my steps in for the day, and I’m loving it!

Neck stretcher with heat

If you tend to slouch or lean your neck forward while you proofread, it’s likely your neck will get tired and sore. This neck stretcher with heat will feel so good! I’ve used it lying down to stretch my neck out and to prop up my neck against the back of the couch, and it really helps. It’s like a heating pad that curves to the shape of your neck.


Self-help book

Ruth Soukup’s Do It Scared is one of the most practical, motivational self-help books I’ve ever read. Ruth is an amazing woman. She went from trying to commit suicide to an incredibly successful entrepreneur, and she is one of the kindest humans you’ll meet in the entrepreneur space. Inside Do It Scared, she helps you identify what’s holding you back from going after your dreams and then helps you overcome those fears so you can become successful too. It’s a fast read, but it is packed with wisdom. I can’t recommend it enough! You can get the book as an audiobook, on Kindle, or a hard copy.

Have fun shopping, proofreader!

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