Guest Expert Training

Are you passionate about helping freelancers with their businesses — and want an opportunity to get your own business in front of more eyes?

You are invited to share your knowledge with a community of proofreaders ready to learn and grow!

Have a topic you’re passionate about in your business and would like to share with a motivated group of proofreaders? Come share a presentation with us!

As The Proofreading Business Coach, I provide in-depth training for proofreaders to start, manage, and grow their businesses. These proofreaders are always ready to expand their skills, so I’m excited for this opportunity  to share your expertise with them!

The details

Training info: Training presentations are up to 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes available at the end for Q&A.

The best training includes slides or screen sharing to visualize your message.

The training will be held live on Zoom and also recorded so current and future students can watch the replay.

While your training is meant to bring value and is not meant to be a sales pitch, you are more than welcome to share your product or service.

Audience: Transcript proofreaders — they find and fix grammar errors and typos in transcripts and send the corrected files back to court reporters. They are eager to continue to learn how to market and grow their business, build client satisfaction, stay organized, and enjoy a work-life balance that lets them do what they want to do with their life.

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Testimonials, feedback, and reviews are directly from students. They have not been compensated for their comments. Success/results/income is not guaranteed and can vary from student to student. Proofreading is not a "get rich" and "get rich quick doing nothing" business. It takes diligence, learning, and showing up for yourself to get the results you want. No coaching, training, or course will give you the life you want to have; you have to put in the work. Your success is up to you!

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