More Than a Manager:
Meaningful Leadership in the Virtual Office

With the rapid growth of virtual offices, leadership is now harder — but more important — than ever as managers have the added challenge of not just leading a team…but keeping a team together and inspired in their workspaces around the globe. It’s a challenge but not impossible! Especially with the practical, tested advice packed inside More Than a Manager.

This is your no-nonsense book on taking your virtual manager skills to the next level.

topics Covered

Laying Foundations

How to really know your team and help them grow.

Building Skills

How to cultivate trust with your team, stay organized, and build morale.

Overcoming Challenges

How to handle the hard conversations.

Taking Action

How to put your leadership skills into action.

Elizabeth’s managerial experience started a decade ago when she managed a group of contractors around the globe for She recently stepped down as COO at a multi-million dollar, virtual digital marketing company to focus on helping others succeed in their virtual leadership careers.


With extensive experience in in-office and virtual office environments, she pulls her real-life experience into More Than a Manager in a way that removes the formulaic process of management in today’s workforce to apply a more genuine, personal, and professional approach.

With the perspective of the manager and the managed, she bridges the gap between upper management and the team member by creating a thriving work environment built on mutual respect. Her approach proves to increase productivity and team performance.