Your business is only as good as your team. 

Build a team who gets your vision. 
Thinks like you do. 
Gets work done.
And actually makes work fun and fulfilling.

It’s not as complicated as you think…
with More Than A Manager.

You’re meant to see the big picture of your company. To come up with the next idea. To inspire and continue your company vision. (You aren’t called a visionary for nothin’!)

Figuring out how to lead a team and grow your business? To grow a team beyond just people who put pegs in a hole…but are instead wholly devoted to your business vision…

That’s a completely different ballgame.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with!

Management isn’t just about telling people what to do — it’s about inspiring each team member’s life to be filled with purpose and passion.

What’s inside

Chapter 3


Ready for a game changer?

Customers are NOT the most important part of your business. 

Of course, they are important. And of course you wouldn’t have a team to hire (or even a business to run) if you didn’t have customers purchasing your services or products.

But even more than cultivating a great client/customer base is building up an excellent virtual team.

A happy, productive team will always result in happy, returning clients.

Think about it. It’s your team who helps answer emails, puts out fires, keeps your site running, provides upkeep, monitors your social media sites, produces blog and email content, etc., etc.

If you have a team who hates their jobs and just goes through the motions. Who shows up halfheartedly or only when they feel like it. A team with low morale and even lower productivity.

Those traits are going to show in everything they touch. You may be able to patch it together for a while, but it won’t be long before mistakes, a rude reply, or sloppy work starts catching up with you.

And then your customers will find someone else who can serve their needs AND have friendly, competent service.

So what makes a happy, productive team?

(Grab the book and find out!)

Unlike most books on how to manage, this book takes you away from all the details about how to use standard operating procedures (SOPs) and task management systems.

And concentrates on what most people don’t talk about…

But what makes all the difference.

How to become more than a manager by inspiring your team to be all in, show up, and love their lives.

Because when they show up and love their work and their life…your business grows and you have the FREEDOM to concentrate on what you do best — grow your business’s vision.

(We’ll get to the SOPs together later, I promise…’cause those are important too!)

More Than A Manager is an ebook you can download and start reading right away. 

Elizabeth J. Wiegner

Elizabeth pulls from her own experiences in the vitual business world, along with the insight of others to learn what was loved (and hated!) about managers she and others had worked for. She used that experience as the foundation for her book, More Than A Manager.

With the perspective of the manager and the managed, she bridges the gap between upper management and the team member by creating a happy work environment built on mutual respect and trust. Her approach has proven over and over to increase productivity and team performance…helping you to grow your team and build your business.

More than a manager

Leadership for visionaries

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