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Each proofreader listed below is a graduate of Learn How to Be a Transcript Proofreader, an intensive course taught by The Proofreading Business Coach.

Graduates received training in

  • punctuation and grammar specific to the spoken word
  • legal terminology
  • research
  • how to work with CR preferences
  • communication techniques
  • business management
  • ethics and confidentiality

Beyond that, they have completed extensive practice on real-life transcripts and continue to receive support in their businesses so they can maintain a high standard of excellence for you.

Graduates have passed both a grammar and a transcript exam to demonstrate they have the skills to proofread transcripts.

In other words, they are ready to show up and be an awesome proofreader for you!

Please note that this graduate directory is a resource for court reporters only who need an excellent proofreader to work with them. This is not for others to source graduates’ email addresses to bug them about the course, how to proofread, and how to get clients. Their contact information is not for that use. If you’re interested in learning more about training, you can see what students and grads are saying here, you can watch my free workshop to see if transcript proofreading is a good fit for you, or you can email me with questions. Thank you for respecting my graduates!

Tap on the graduates’ profiles below to learn more about them and their skills!

Bre Moon

Moonlight Proofing

About: At Moonlight Proofing, my priority is to make you happy and help ease your stress by providing professional proofreading services and returning clean, polished transcripts that adhere to your personal preferences.

Special skills/experience:  I’m a huge typo nerd that is extremely detail-oriented. I pride myself on being punctual, an effective communicator, and I also have experience in transcription and the medical field (on the lab side!). My proofreading mind never rests, I am constantly proofreading and editing anything and everything that falls into my hands, even the books that I read for enjoyment! I love that I’m a nerd, and I love working with others that nerd out over their passions as well.

Fun facts:  I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling momma to two littles. I LOVE reading ALL the romance novels, baking bread, playing pickleball, and golfing (mostly for the outfits)!

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Carrie Schlegel
Carrie on Proofing

About:  I offer dependable proofreading support for busy court reporters with a focus on each court reporter’s preferences. I am here to polish their transcripts, save them time and eyestrain, and make their lives a little easier. 

Special skills/experience:  I am a graduate of the Transcript Proofreading Course by Elizabeth Wiegner, The Proofreading Business Coach, and have 30+ years of experience in many areas of law as a paralegal. Currently, I am a real estate title examiner and closer with an eye for catching mistakes, errors, and title issues.

Fun facts:  I love reading with my book club, CrossFit, hiking with my family, and spoiling my little dog, Bernie.

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Faith Greenwood
Greenwood Proofing

About: Hi! I’m Faith with Greenwood Proofing. My job is to make your job easier. Send me your transcripts in a PDF file, and I’ll proof them to your preferences and get them back to you on time! If you’re tired of working on transcripts for days on end with no time to relax, Greenwood Proofing is here to help! Let me do your proofreading so you can get back to doing what you love!

Special skills/experience: I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy and was a pharmacy technician previously, so the dense medical transcripts are a breeze for me! During my (extensive) time in school, I mastered the art of quick research that is accurate and efficient. Taking care of others also means I can focus on the client and be empathetic to their needs. Additionally, I pride myself on being flexible, reliable, and punctual.

Fun facts: I’m an avid reader – Stephen King is my absolute favorite! I have a tuxedo cat, Hennessy Whiskers, who is very spoiled and loves reading with me. I am also a HUGE football fan; I root for the Razorbacks for CFB and the Packers for NFL!

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Feby Johnson

Rafero Proofreading Services

About: Hi! At Rafero Proofreading Services, I’ll be your proofer when you want your hard work on your transcripts looked over carefully, with well-trained eyes, and annotated according to your preferences. Diligence, integrity, and an uncanny knack for spotting discrepancies are what I bring to the table to help you with your transcript. You can rest assured that it is in capable hands.

Special skills/experience:
• Highly trained and well-coached by The Proofreading Business Coach, Elizabeth Wiegner
• Worked as an English teacher in kindergarten and elementary school for the past 9 years and proofread colleagues’ report card comments and write-ups.
• A keen ear for understanding various accents, therefore, able to guess correctly when words are dropped

Fun facts: I was born in Dubai, U.A.E., in the 70s, when there were only camels and sand dunes for miles on end. I love to solve crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, read Christian literature, and cross-stitch! I am a huge fan of the Oxycise breathing technique and try to do 15 minutes every day. I love to see people being set free from sickness, disease and demonic influence and when I’m not proofreading or doing household chores, I listen to sermons and watch God work miracles through Apostle Kathryn Krick.

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April Higginbotham

Grace Abounds Proofreading

About:  Hello! I’m April. I would love the opportunity to work with you to proofread your PDF transcripts so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. I proofread according to your preferences and readability with clear annotations. 

Special skills/experience:  I have 20+ years in customer service, ranging from working in a medical office to working in a veterinary office. I am reliable, hardworking, punctual, and know how to get the job done.

Fun facts:  I was born and raised in Texas and have three grown daughters and two adorable grandsons. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 24 years. We have four dogs that are completely spoiled!.

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Carla Heideman

Prairie Rose Proofreading

About:  Hi! I’m Carla, the owner of Prairie Rose Proofreading. I know how busy you are, and I’d like to help! As a PDF proofreader, I work with your preferences to ensure accurate transcripts. I’m no-nonsense, reliable, prompt, and excited to work with you!

Special skills/experience:  I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master’s degree in Library Science. So, yes, I’m an avid reader, particularly psychological thrillers and mysteries. I love researching and consider myself a lifelong learner. I’m flexible, detail-oriented, and easy to work with.

Fun facts:  I stay up way too late reading, love the KC Chiefs, love to travel (preferably near the beach), and have a very spoiled Rottweiler named Luna.

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Kayla Gonzalez

The Truth is in the Proof

About: Taking the pain out of proofreading so you can spend less time reading transcripts and more time doing what you love.

Special skills/experience: I have years of experience working in the construction and financial technology industries. I have also worked with attorneys to edit/proofread codes of ordinances for cities across the nation. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English and am a conscientious and efficient communicator.

Fun facts: I am a fun boy mom who loves to sing, travel, and enjoy the outdoors.

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Sara Schoon

Sara Schoon Proofreads

About:  I find so much satisfaction in problem solving, writing, proofreading and above all, helping people. Knowing your plate is always full, I can’t wait to share these gifts with you to help finalize your PDF transcripts while gaining a trusted working relationship and friendship in the process. I have a B.A. in Mass Communication with a vast background in several industries and job functions: healthcare nursing and medical continuing education, project management, event planning, marketing, customer service, and recruiting/HR. I understand tight deadlines, stressful workloads and strive to anticipate your needs.

Special skills/experience: I love helping people and feel fulfilled when I’ve investigated and solved a problem for someone, improved a process or made someone’s day just a little easier. I consider myself a lifelong learner, an avid reader and thorough researcher. During the day, you’ll find me working remotely in continuing nursing and medical education, devoting my time to online course creation tailored to clinical professions, which requires accuracy, consistency and excellent proofing skills. I also aid education planning teams with review of their education formats to ensure accreditation standards are met. You’ll always find an empathetic and compassionate proofreader here, with an added bonus of a great sense of humor and appreciation for using laughter as levity.

Fun facts: Married to a devoted Lions fan (divided household: I’m a Packers fan) and a dog named Barry Sanders. I love laughing, being an auntie, boating on the lake, traveling, and seeing live music. I’ve seen a lot of legends perform. I once met Paul McCartney!

→ Email Sara at

Santina Wolfe

S Wolfe Proofreading

About:  Hello there! I’m Santina, the proofreader with heart and skill. I’m committed to helping court reporters produce the best version of their work and save precious time.

Special skills/experience: I have almost 20 years of experience in the veterinary field so I’m familiar with medical terminology. You might be surprised to learn there is a decent overlap in the types of medical issues experienced by humans and animals. I’m also an avid reader and typo fixer. I love researching and learning new things.

Fun facts:  Whenever I have free time I’m either baking, reading rom-com books or watching anime. I also enjoy spending time with my spoiled kitty. 

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Ashley Geltosky

ALG Proofing

About: Hi! I’m Ashley, the transcript proofreading expert behind ALG Proofing. I am here to help busy court reporters lighten their load and offer a breath of fresh air. You can depend on me to proofread with a thoughtful and careful touch, with the assurance that I’ll return transcripts to you on time with clear and concise annotations, all while honoring your preferences and style.

Special skills/experience: 

  • Graduate of The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course
  • 25 years of experience as a manager in a highly detail-oriented job
  • Developed procedures and controls for the success of a small business
  • 4 years of experience copyediting for a retail website
  • Very organized, ethical and reliable

Fun facts:  My husband and I live in Oregon with our twelve-year-old daughter. We fell in love cooking together, and we thrive in the kitchen surrounded by family. My daughter inherited my love of writing, and I have inherited her love of Taylor Swift. But when I’m home alone, my not-so-secret love of opera emerges, and I sing arias from my classical training days in college. My dog, Zoe, is a very captive audience 🙂

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Coryanne Sennett

Lucky Clover Proofreading

About:  Hello! I’m Coryanne, the owner of Lucky Clover Proofreading. I’m thrilled to connect with you, a talented court reporter who brings spoken words to life through your transcripts. As a dedicated proofreader, I’m committed to delivering top-notch services that exceed your expectations. You can expect:

  • Prompt and courteous communication throughout our collaboration
  • Error-free transcripts that meet the highest standards
  • Timely completion of projects, always meeting deadlines I’m excited to work with you and help bring your transcripts to the next level!

Special skills/experience:  I‘ve always had a special knack for grammar and spelling and have been an avid lifelong reader. I‘m a graduate of Elizabeth Wiegner‘s The Proofreading Business Coach course where I‘ve studied and proofed thousands of pages of transcripts and become well acquainted with my resources, which include a vast network of professionals who continue to learn from and support each other in the work we do.

Fun facts:  In my spare time, I like to go on long walks and hikes with my German shepherd, Eisley, or snuggle up with my tortie kitty named Kiwi and a good book.

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Sarah Walker

Words by Walker, LLC

About: Hi! I’m Sarah and the proofing guru of Words by Walker. At Words by Walker, I meticulously proofread and refine your transcripts so you can focus on refilling your cup. I want you to know you’re doing a great job and I see you! Together, we’ll crush deadlines and transcripts.

Special skills/experience: I have always moonlighted as the go-to resident proofreader in my professional and personal worlds. I have a keen eye for easily missed errors, often spotting them in my favorite psychological thrillers. With over 18 years of experience in an emotionally charged and fast-paced non-profit, I have mastered the ability to efficiently multitask while meeting deadlines. I earned my bachelor’s degree in English writing and political science from the University of Pittsburgh (Go P-I-T-T!). I specialize in “written wit” which yields hilarious email exchanges because I believe working should be fun!

Fun facts: I’m an avid reader, college basketball lover, baking enthusiast and sweet friend.

→ Email Sarah at
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Aleisha Zaugg

A-Z Proofreading

About: Hi! I’m Aleisha. I would love the opportunity to proofread your PDF transcripts so you can get on with your busy life.

Special skills/experience: I have been a nurse for over 10 years and worked in many different areas, but my passion was in pediatric emergency. Kids are so tough! I have retired from the official nursing world to stay home and take care of my son with disabilities. My skills as a nurse have been so useful, and I hope they will continue to be useful as I proofread medical transcripts.

Another skill I learned from nursing is how to research efficiently and effectively. I use that skill today as I research how to do home projects on my own. I love building and creating and have remodeled my entire home. I look forward to bringing my knowledge, expertise, research skills, and experience proofing thousands of pages to do the best I can for busy court reporters.

Fun facts: We live on 17 acres and are learning to be homesteaders. We have 21 chickens, 3 ducks, 3 geese, 1 dog, 4 cats, and we are trying to buy some mini cows. And, of course, I must have ALL the plants. It is busy but fun!

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Katelyn Gentner

Ocean Soul Proofing

About: Are you a busy court reporter who is overly stressed and needs some relief? Ocean Soul Proofing will help ease your burden and gain back some of that lost, valuable time. I will thoughtfully proofread your emailed PDF transcript using easily readable annotations. Your preferences and readability are the most important factors in this process. Once completed, you will receive your transcript back on time via email so you can move forward with ease!

Special skills/experience: Having over a decade of teaching experience with grading and editing high school students’ papers, I will provide accurate and practical feedback. Trust me, proofreading transcripts is a breeze compared to trying to decipher some of those papers! After graduating from The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course, my editing skills have been honed even more, keeping your preferences at the forefront. I am enthusiastic about learning new information and thoroughly enjoy researching to be well-informed. Being highly efficient, organized, and dependable, I can ensure that your transcripts will be thoroughly proofed with incredible attention to detail and readability. With my dedication to precision and commitment to excellence, your transcripts are in capable hands!

Fun facts:
• Being born and raised on Cape Cod, I’m a huge beach bum and obsessed with all things ocean.
• Baking is one of my lifelong passions, especially cookies and bread.
• I enjoy reading, listening, or watching anything relating to crime.
• Devoted dog mom to Kaya, our 125-pound cane corso beauty.

→ Email Katelyn at
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Cari Holmgren

Cari Proofreads

About: I proofread PDF transcripts to help court reporters save time and stress less. Let me help you confidently present the best version of your work!

Special skills/experience: As a veterinary nurse and hospital manager, I have a strong understanding of medical terminology. You would be surprised how similar veterinary medicine and human medicine can be! I also have experience as an elementary school science teacher. I am organized, resourceful, and punctual.

Fun facts: I am an animal lover, hiking enthusiast, and avid gardener. Plants, animals, and nature are my happy place 🙂

→ Email Cari at
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Ritamarie Searles

Reliable Proofing by Ritamarie

About: My proofreader goals are to partner with the CR to make his/her transcript the most accurate document it can be, all while conforming to their preferences.

Special skills/experience: As a lifelong learner, I strive to research and learn new things every day. That’s why I love transcript proofreading — I always learn something new! I have currently proofed over 1500 transcript pages, and I look forward to learning more by proofing more transcripts.

Fun facts: About 10 years ago, I became the proud owner of my very first dog, Petie. He is so loving and fun that I decided to write a children’s book about him and all his adventures!

→ Email Ritamarie at
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Laura Schramm

Precise Proof by Laura

About: Hi! I’m Laura and I’m a PDF transcript proofreader who’s here to make your life easier. Let me proofread your transcripts while you sit back, relax, and enjoy more of your free time you work hard for! My flexible schedule allows open availability to complete any job on time all while honoring your preferences and style!

Special skills/experience: I am punctual, conscientious, reliable and easy to work with. I’m here for YOU! I’m a graduate of The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course. I have 10+ years of experience in retail, hospitality, and the banking and credit union industry. I know how important it is to provide great customer service and meet strict deadlines!

Fun facts: I live in the Finger Lakes region of NY and love to spend time outdoors, camping, gardening, and cooking. I’m a dog mom to two very active labs who always keep me on my toes!

→ Email Laura at
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Amy Caudle

Wildwood Proofreading

About: I help court reporters relax and reduce stress, knowing their transcripts will be back on time and accurately proofed! Readability is key to me, and I use your preferences to make sure your work shines!

Special skills/experience: I have 15 years of medical transcription under my belt, and you can be assured that all medical terminology, medicines, and procedures are accurately spelled. I know all the rules, and I know how to break ’em – all while maintaining your spelling and grammar integrity!

Fun facts: I’m a mom of 4, and I’ve homeschooled for over 16 years now with two graduates! I love to read, have always been a grammar nerd, and while I love court/crime dramas on TV, the only murder mysteries I read are in court transcripts!

→ Email Amy at
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Cree Adamson

Cree Adamson Editorial Services

About: PDF proofreader here to help you put your best work forward! I proof to your preferences and for readability.

Special skills/experience: I worked as a TV news producer for 20 years! A big part of that job was researching, writing and proofreading scripts and graphics for air.

Fun facts: I love spending time with my family, hula dancing and the Oregon Ducks!

→ Email Cree at
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Amanda Miller

AJ Miller Proofreading

About: Hello! I’m a PDF transcript proofreader dedicated to helping you polish your transcripts so you can turn in your best work. I enjoy the challenge and nuance of proofreading the spoken word and appreciate that you and the transcripts you write have an integral role in all types of legal proceedings.

You can depend on me to proofread with accuracy and to your preferences, with the assurance that I’ll return transcripts to you on time with clear and concise annotations.

Special skills/experience:
• Specialized training in transcript proofreading: As a graduate of The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course, I have gained extensive experience proofreading different kinds of transcripts of varying lengths and subjects for court reporters with distinct preferences.
• Five years of experience editing and proofreading for a small educational publisher: I applied my skills to projects such as books for grades K-2, supplemental learning materials, and social media posts.
• Certificate in copyediting from UC San Diego: This program included a deep dive into grammar and punctuation.

Fun facts: As an avid reader, I try to set aside time for reading every day. My favorite genres are mystery, suspense/thriller, and contemporary fiction. I also love to learn about the English language. I have a growing collection of favorite books and am a regular listener to several podcasts that explore grammar, punctuation, and usage in a friendly, nonjudgmental way. I’ve lived most of my life in Northeast Ohio but spent a few memorable years in New York City, first as a grad student and then as an academic counselor at a college.

→ Email Amanda at
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Maggie Xu

Maggie Proofs

About: Hi! At Maggie Proofs, I help you as a court reporter present the best version of your work by proofreading your transcripts accurately and to your preferences. I proof, you relax!

Special skills/experience:
• B.A. in linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin
• The Proofreading Business Coach course graduate
• Detail-oriented, reliable, friendly

Fun facts: Cat mom, toddler mom 😆 Love baking, reading, painting/drawing, and doing puzzles

→ Email Maggie at
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James Eaton

Gren-Del Proofing

About: I work for you, the busy court reporter, which means I use my keen eyes to proof your transcripts to perfection so that you don’t have to, freeing up more time for you to live your life to the fullest! Get in touch with Gren-Del Proofing so that I can get to work for you.

Special skills/experience: As a graduate of Elizabeth’s training program, I have already worked through thousands of pages of transcripts, so I’m no stranger to the work ahead. That also means I have access to a network of other trained professionals for guidance and encouragement if need be. I’ve always loved reading since I was a child, and I’ve developed a sharp eye for detail because of it. I’m dedicated and hardworking as well — I’ve only had 3 employers my entire life, so I’m loyal to the job if nothing else.

Fun facts: I’m a dog dad, and Gren-Del Proofing is actually based on my dog’s name, Grendel. He’s my best friend and biggest supporter!

→ Email James at
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Allison Koole

A Koole Proofreading

About: My name is Allison and I am here to help busy court reporters take back their valuable time by proofing and perfecting PDF transcripts with their preferences in mind. I proof transcripts with clear and concise annotations and return in a timely manner.

Special skills/experience: Having earned my BA in English, I love all things involving reading, grammar, and punctuation. In my past role as an office manager, I learned how to handle multiple tasks and projects promptly and efficiently. Running my household, including two busy kids, for the past 16 years has kept my skills sharp and helped me to be organized, diligent, and dependable.

Fun facts: I absolutely love to read and do puzzles! My favorite toy growing up was a Speak & Spell which I believe cemented my love of spelling and words early on 😉

→ Email Allison at
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Anna Norman

Proofreading by Anna Norman

About: Do you need a proofreader who always has your back? I give court reporters time and confidence by proofreading with accuracy and care. My flexible schedule can accommodate all turnaround times including evenings and weekends. Let’s get those transcripts proofed and out the door!

Special skills/experience: I have more than 10 years of experience writing and editing for companies including ABC News, National Geographic, and Birchbox. I’ve become a pro at producing quality work under tight deadlines! I’ve always had a sharp eye for detail, starting young as the editor of the high school yearbook and college newspaper. As someone who grew up in a family of medical professionals, I also have a special interest in medical content and would love to work on those transcripts with you. 

Fun facts: Dog person, podcast lover, avid reader, and occasional roller skater!

→ Email Anna at
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Irene Stenger

Irene Stenger Proofreading

About: As a PDF proofreader, I help you, busy court reporters, deliver your transcripts on time and error-free. We don’t want your hard work tarnished by those sneaky typos, do we?

Special skills/experience:
• Highly trained and well-coached by The Proofreading Business Coach, Elizabeth Wiegner
• General proofreader since 2022 with a focus on medical and technical docs
• Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Fun facts: 
• Born and raised in the Philippines
• Have lived in four states in the last 20 years
• Avid reader, knitter, cross-stitcher, miniature gardener
• Immune to hectic — mom to two loving humans, the sweetest dog, and many plants

→ Email Irene at
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Erin Moore

Manifest Editing

About: Hi! I’m Erin, a freelance proofreader and copyeditor who has been using my knowledge of language to help people succeed for over twenty years. When it comes to proofreading transcripts, my goal is to lighten your workload so you can spend more time doing the things you love. I have tremendous respect for the critical role court reporters play in our justice system, and it fills me with pride to help you produce top-notch work.

Special skills/experience: As the owner of Manifest Editing, I am driven by a simple mission: to ensure your content shines with polish and precision. Whether you’re handling a 20-page plea hearing or a 200-page deposition, I’m committed to giving your transcripts the attention they deserve.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:
• Expertise: Beyond having an eye for detail, I’ve honed my grammar and punctuation skills through professional training in transcript proofreading, general proofreading, and copyediting.
• Commitment to service: I’m dedicated to delivering exceptional service, a trait that I developed while working as a public librarian.
• Personable approach: I bring a friendly touch to business exchanges, striving to make our interactions both pleasant and productive.

Here’s what you can expect from my proofreading:
• Clear and accurate annotations
• Feedback customized to your preferences
• Prompt delivery

Have questions? Reach out anytime! Together, we can make your transcripts the best they can be.

Fun facts: In my free time, you can find me hanging out with family, exploring nature on hiking trails, and cheering on my local football team—despite their habit of losing in heartbreaking fashion. And, of course, being a word nerd, I can never resist curling up with a good book!

→ Email Erin at
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Anna Weir

AW Proofreading

About: Hi there! I’m Anna, your trusty transcript proofreader. I enjoy proofreading the spoken word and providing excellent service to busy court reporters.

Special skills/experience:
• Trained transcript proofreader
• Diligent researcher, familiar with medical and science terminology
• Extensive background in customer service

Fun facts: I’m a stay-at-home mom to two smiley little boys. I live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy anything outdoors. I love baking, reading non-fiction, and hanging out in the backyard with my four chickens!

→ Email Anna at
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Christine Carney

Round Mountain Proofreading

About: Hello 😄 My name is Christine Carney and I am so excited to help you with proofreading your transcripts! As an elementary school teacher, specifically kindergarten for the last few years, nothing gets past me 😉 I love reading, but would always catch myself getting hung up on the occasional typos and grammatical errors (and who doesn’t love a little court drama), so transcript proofreading is the perfect fit. I look forward to working with you, ensuring your transcripts are accurate and readable, and taking something off your very busy plate so you can enjoy the things you love.

Special skills/experience:
• Graduate of The Proofreading Business Coach’s grammar and legal transcript proofreading course
• Reliable and dependable
• Flexible
• MA Curriculum and Instruction

Fun facts: My husband and I moved back to the mountain town where we met in college. I am blessed to be the mama to two beautiful girls and one darling puppy (a very grumpy cat bosses me around too). We love romping around outside – hiking, snowboarding, camping, horseback riding, and enjoying the sunshine!

→ Email Christine at
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Julia Scott

Julia Scott Proofs

About: I am Julia and I love to support court reporters in producing accurate and readable transcripts! I do research when necessary, and I am happy to take into consideration any preferences you have. I am specifically trained to proofread transcripts in which people are not speaking with the perfect grammar you would find in a book. I return proofed transcripts as a PDF on time and with clear annotations!

Special skills/experience: Working as a classroom teacher, a language arts tutor, and a homeschool teacher of three kids has given me years of experience in working with people and studying the English language! Catching punctuation and spelling errors has always come naturally to me, but I have really enjoyed my training with The Proofreading Business Coach because it has been so specific to proofreading transcripts of legal proceedings. I now have experience with a variety of transcript types including medical, construction, and trials. I am easy to work with, open to feedback and I have often been described as reliable, friendly, and punctual! I also have a B.A. in psychology.

Fun facts: I love mountains, lakes, and waterfalls and spending time with my family. Most of my life has been spent in California or New England, but I am now planted in Washington state. I love to read, to learn, and to enjoy delicious food!

→ Email Julia at
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Deborah Schuster

Precision Proofing by Deborah

About: Hi, I’m Deborah! I love to proofread PDF transcripts for busy court reporters. My work career after college started in the beginning days of the closed captioning industry and continued for over 35 years. I am passionate about client relationships and words. I live in Southern California with my musician husband, Bob, and Percy, our terrier mix.

Special skills/experience: Over the past year, I have proofread thousands of pages of transcripts to court reporter preferences. My degree is in journalism, but I began working in the emerging closed captioning industry and fell in love with writing captions. I moved into sales and marketing where, among other duties, I interacted with realtime stenocaptioners who captioned live programs for my clients, including the major TV networks and TV studios. I understand how steno works, and I have great respect for the challenges court reporters face. I work well under pressure and with deadlines after years in the TV industry. I love creating relationships and learning how I can best help those with whom I work.

Fun facts: My 15 minutes of fame was being interviewed on Good Morning America when live captioning debuted on the show. I explained how the new live cc technology worked. It was a blast and a highlight of my career and life!

→ Email Deborah at
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Genevieve Elam

The Village Proofreader

About: Hi! I’m Genevieve, the person behind The Village Proofreader. I’m here to polish up your PDF transcript so you can get on to your next job, spend more time with your family, or just do whatever you want! I understand your time is important, and I want to make your job easier, so let me help you.

Special skills/experience: I’m a graduate of The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course. I pride myself on being easy and flexible to work with. I’m an excellent reference wielder — Merriam-Webster, Margie Wakeman Wells, and Kenneth Wick are my good friends.

Fun facts: Although I grew up in the Midwest, I live in Greenwich Village in New York City with my husband, teenage son, and doggo, Captain. I was a professional actor for many years appearing in Sex and the City and on Broadway. Today, in my free time, I will listen to any true crime podcast someone recommends while I embroider.

→ Email Genevieve at
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Tristan Brant

Brant Proofreading, LLC

About: Welcome, Court Reporters! My name is Tristan. 😊

I am a registered nurse and proofreader from Western Pennsylvania, trained by Elizabeth Wiegner, The Proofreading Business Coach.

I would be happy to help you by proofreading your PDF transcripts! I am available for immediate through standard turnaround.

Nice to meet you and have a great day! 😃

Special skills/experience: PDF proofreader helping court reporters be happy one transcript at a time.

I love helping people. I have been a registered nurse since 2008 and worked in a variety of settings: head-injury rehabilitation, hospital, operating room, long-term care, and private duty.

I have always enjoyed reading and used to keep a paperback copy of the Oxford Dictionary with me to look up words I didn’t know.

Who knew that you could combine helping people and reading…then turn it into a career?

Fun facts: My town hosts a mini-triathlon (boating, biking, and running) that I have participated in for five years. The last two years I volunteered, and it was equally exhausting and just as fun! 😂 I have a husband, a teenage son, a boxer named Lily, and a flock of chickens.

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Paige Brown

Paige Proofs

About: I specialize in making your transcripts the best they can be. My laser focus on consistency, your preferences, and those maddening grammar rules will make your transcripts shine. I understand that you have a high-stress job, and I aim to lighten that load so that you can move on to other transcripts or spend more time pursuing your passions outside of being a top-notch court reporter.

Special skills/experience: When I graduated from college with degrees in business and English, I had not one inkling of what to do with those seemingly random degrees. I stumbled into an entry-level editing job for an anime magazine, and so began my love of proofreading. Sure, I enjoyed other aspects of that job, but being the last set of eyes on a 180-page magazine felt like an exhilarating treasure hunt. Anything I missed was soon printed in black and white with no do-overs. No pressure!

A few years ago, I began freelance writing, editing, and proofreading for businesses, and I once again learned that proofreading fills my cup the most. When I heard about the unique niche of transcript proofreading, I was energized to learn this new skill. Graduating from this course gave me all the tools I need to be the transcript proofreader who will make your life easier!

Fun facts: Spelling bees are my jam, and I have never forgotten exiting the district spelling bee on the word “exchequer.” My kids are required to know how to spell it just in case it ever comes up! That same year, my winning word in the school bee was “cowhide.” Significantly easier for a Texas girl!

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Sophie Liu

Little Cabbage Proofreading

About: Hi! I’m Sophie, and I am a PDF transcript proofreader for court reporters, specializing in delivering what fits YOUR needs. If this type of CR-centered proofing speaks to you, I would love to work together. I’m meticulous and communicative, and my goal is a happy, lasting working relationship.

Special skills/experience:
1. I focus on readability and your preferences, resulting in clear annotations with good punctuation. I refer to Merriam-Webster and resources from Margie Wakeman Wells and Kenneth Wick.
2. I love to hear feedback from you! Working together is an ongoing process.
3. 7+ years in sustainability & event planning – relationship-builder with a sharp eye for detail!

Fun facts: I live in Philly with my partner, my snake (Isela), and our 2 cats (Egg & Gari). I have my grandmother’s last name because my grandparents alternated their last names for their kids — so my dad, the middle child, got my grandma’s last name.

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Tracey Nichols

Tracey Leigh Proofreading

About: Hello! I’m Tracey, the proofreader behind Tracey Leigh Proofreading. I have always enjoyed reading and for as long as I can remember, I could easily spot a typo! So being a proofreader for court reporters seemed like a dream job! I understand that you need someone reliable and efficient to help you make your life less complicated. I’m eager to see how we can work together!

Special skills/experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in administrative management
• Twelve years in commercial real estate finance
• Works well with tight deadlines
• Trained in PDF proofreading

Fun facts: I’m married with 3 grown children who I adore. I enjoy walks, playing games and going to the beach any time I can. I love good food and hanging out with friends.

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Tara Bartoli

Stellar Proofreading

About: I’m Tara, the PDF proofreader behind Stellar Proofreading! Being an excellent listener allows me to hear exactly what my clients need! As a graduate of The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course, I am fully equipped to hit the ground running. My schedule is extremely flexible and allows me to work within your time frame and deadlines. What I’ve learned throughout my ever-changing career is that with all of my experiences combined, I am well prepared for whatever transcript that may come my way. I have immense respect for court reporters and value the work that they do. Transcript proofreading is a special kind of proofreading that one should be familiar with and properly coached in. I am here to cross the finish line with you. Let’s connect so we can finalize your transcript in 3 easy steps!

Special skills/experience:
• Graduate of The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course.
• Graduate of MedVance Institute with a 4.0 GPA in massage therapy.
• Over 15 years of office management in construction as well as various medical offices.
• Proofreading to client preference while still maintaining grammar/spelling integrity.

Fun facts: My husband and I have two amazing boys who we homeschool. We lived, traveled, and road-schooled in an RV for five years before settling in Texas! I love to garden, swim, watch basketball, and visit the beach as often as I can!

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Allie Kelsey

Allied Editorial Services

About: I work with you to perfect your transcripts according to your preferences and schedule. Let me help with the final review of your transcript so you can focus on the next to-do on your list (whether that be work, rest, or play 😁)!

Special skills/experience: Hi, I’m Allie: the go-to editor among my family, friends, and co-workers. I have an acute eye for detail due to my experience in laboratory research, instructional/course design, and general proofreading. I understand the importance of your goals and deadlines after years of working in customer service and mortgage and real estate. 

Fun facts: I enjoy supporting others in reaching their goals, but I also love reading, crocheting, exploring different cultures, watching detective shows, and learning new things. I’m excited to connect with you!

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Samantha Thomas

Sam’s Positive Proofs

About: At Sam’s Positive Proofs, I comb through legal transcripts to catch errors so that busy court reporters have one less thing to do.

Special skills/experience: With a lifelong aptitude for catching grammar and punctuation errors, I graduated from The Proofreading Business Coach’s transcript proofreading course with flying colors. As a stay-at-home mom, my schedule is extremely flexible, allowing me to complete any job on time. These kids have also honed my expertise in multi-tasking and clear, effective communication. Combine that with my years of customer service and retail work, and you’ve got yourself one of the best representatives to work with! I am a very fast learner and can be quick to adapt to any preferences you may have. With over 1,000 pages of legal transcripts under my belt, you’re in very good hands! Let me take some work off your shoulders and let’s be successful together.

Fun facts: I am part of a large family. Last year we moved from Mississippi to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I absolutely love to hike with my dogs! I love to write and participate in NaNoWriMo every November. 

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Nicole Mills

Twenty-Two Proofs

About: As a former Division 1 collegiate soccer player turned expert proofreader, I am teaming up with court reporters to deliver accurate and polished transcripts, saving them time so they can work less and play more. I’m so excited to connect — I’m here for you!

Special skills/experience:
Transcript proofreading training 
B.A. in Communications
Experience as a magazine writer and editor
Lifelong leader
• Organized, dedicated and loyal team player

Fun facts: My husband and I live in Texas and have two school-age boys. I’m a big sports lover. I have dual-citizenship (U.S. and Spain), and traveling to experience new cultures and foods is a passion!

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Morgan Nathan

Morgan Transcript Proofreading, LLC

About: You are a consummate professional in a high-stress industry, and you work hard to accurately write the spoken word. You can be assured that, with my expertise, I will accurately proofread your PDF transcripts and adhere to your preferences and deadlines to ensure that your transcripts shine! I’ll make your life easier, and you can be certain that your clients will be highly satisfied. I have a firm foundation in transcript proofreading as a result of my training with The Proofreading Business Coach. I worked diligently over the past several months to build my skills and experience and then created MTP because, due to my legal assistant background, I love transcript proofreading and couldn’t think of any other career that could allow me to do just that.

Special skills/experience: 
• 25+ years as a legal assistant in various fields of law
• Extensive legal transcription of legal documents
• 5+ years as a Realtor with a focus on real estate investors
• Meticulous, reliable, and immensely proud of my work

Fun facts: 
• Passion: Container gardening, cooking, entertaining, and holiday decorating.
• Favorite food: Sushi. I even named my fur baby after a sushi chef!
• I ran the Peachtree Road Race for 10 years in a row and got the t-shirts too!
• My life is full with my husband of 25 years and a multitude of friends.
• My youngest sister is my BFF!
• Shark Tank!

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Michal Stoeltzing

Michal Joy Proofreading

About: I’m Michal, owner of Michal Joy Proofreading. I provide accurate and timely PDF proofreading that you can count on. I will proofread to your specifications with clear annotations. My goal is to assist court reporters in maximizing their time by providing a worry-free experience that allows them to spend more time doing the things they love!

Special skills/experience:
• Approachable and easy to work with
• Meticulous and dependable
• 20+ year high school teacher

Fun facts:
1. My first job was taking care of exotic birds like parrots.
2. I love the Harry Potter books and movies.
3. Travel hacking is my hobby. I love to travel for nearly free!
4. I just turned 50!

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Kasey Edge-Faur

On The Edge Proofreading

About: I’m a PDF transcript proofreader who prides myself on meeting the needs of my clients as quickly and accurately as possible.

Special skills/experience: I have two degrees in English and journalism and spent 4+ years as a journalist transcribing interviews verbatim, meeting deadlines (usually early), and editing articles.

Fun facts: I’m a very creative person. In my free time, I love to read, write, sew, crochet, paint (mostly cows), bake, and go on walks. I also have a husband and two babies I adore.

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Mary Esposito

Mary Isabel Proofs

About: As a PDF proofreader, I make the process really simple for you! No matter what software you use, I can proof your transcript. Give me the date you need it back by, and I will send you only the annotated pages. I can assure you it will be on time. I understand how busy you are, and I value your time, your work, and your business.

Special skills/experience: All my life I’ve loved to read. English came to me quickly as a child, and I developed a knack for grammar and fell in love with the language. I definitely wasn’t one of those kids afraid to read aloud in class! I went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Southern Mississippi and became skilled at critical analysis, editing and revision, and of course, proofreading! As an undergraduate, I took on a role at my campus’s Speaking & Writing Center as a peer tutor for students needing assistance with their speeches and essays. Later, I gained experience as a legal assistant for a personal injury law firm. Legal documents and jargon are not unfamiliar to me, and I enjoy the research and ensuring accuracy processes. As a lover of literature, I have proofread for more general projects. I know that transcript proofreading is a very specialized form of proofreading, which is why I took the steps to be properly trained in it. I have immense respect for our court reporters and the essential work they do. It is my hope to make their lives easier by maintaining the quality and accuracy of their work.

Fun facts: Even though I’m not a native English speaker, English is pretty much all I know! Tagalog was my first language, and I learned English at four years old.

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Tracie Clark

TMC Proofreading

About: At TMC Proofreading, I understand that court reporters need a reliable and efficient proofreader to ensure that their transcripts are accurate and error-free. I’m able to work closely with court reporters to ensure that their unique preferences and style requirements are met, ensuring a seamless and efficient proofreading process. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and efficient proofreader to assist with your court transcripts, look no further than TMC Proofreading.

Special skills/experience: With over 20 years of experience in orthopedic spinal surgery, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of proofreading court transcripts related to medical depositions. My eye for detail and a deep understanding of medical terminology and procedures make me an ideal candidate for proofreading complex legal documents related to medical cases.

Fun facts: I’m a foodie at heart and love to cook and try new recipes.

→ Email Tracie at or connect with her on Facebook!

Jill Bambauer

Punctual Proofreading By Jill

About: I am a PDF proofreader helping you, the busy court reporter, to find a balance between work and living a life you love!

Special skills/experience: 23 years of experience as a CT and X-ray technologist

Fun facts: I love to bake, read and watch true crime shows.

→ Email Jill at or connect with her on Facebook!

Jaime Spangler

Scout Proofing

About: I love helping to make a difference in someone’s life. Whether that be my role at a university serving students, fostering for the animal shelter serving pets in need, or helping someone that needs a hand! I have combined my love of reading and having an impact with proofreading for you!

Special skills/experience:
• Master’s degree in Business Administration
• Lifelong reader (especially history)
• Professionalism, time management, fun!

Fun facts: My pets’ names are KC Royal themed. I love history! Avid documentary watcher. My high school class was 35 kids. My favorite book is “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin.

→ Email Jaime at or connect with her on Facebook!

Arkie Sandlin

MarkieCo Proof

About: I’ll put the finishing touches on your work. Think of me as your fairy godmother, except instead of carriages and slippers, I’ll grant you transcripts that are proofread according to your preferences for accuracy and readability.

Special skills/experience:
• 15 years Customer Service
• 12 years Leadership
• 10 years Senior Leadership
I have the necessary skills, customer satisfaction is my priority, and I can get the work done on time.

Fun facts: I love Disney – parks, music, movies! Chances are I’m the only Arkie you’ll meet!

→ Email Arkie at or connect with her on Facebook!

Michelle Pride

The True Blue Pencil

About: I help busy court reporters and small business owners live less complicated lives.

Special skills/experience:
• Decades of healthcare and medical insurance experience
• NC/SC Realtor
• NC commissioned notary public

Fun facts: Cancer survivor that’s obsessed with dogs, bourbon and words.

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Amy Knight

The Proofreading Knight

About: I have been married to my best friend for 16 years, and we have two amazing daughters (9 and 6). I love goats, reading, my back porch, writing, and spending time with God! Now, I get to add proofreading for court reporters to the things I enjoy!

Special skills/experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in English education
• 14 years of customer service experience
• Started my own online business 14 years ago that’s still going strong
• Love for reading and writing

Fun facts:
1. I was homeschooled.
2. I love being a Southern girl.
3. Animals are a huge part of my life.
4. I love being a girl mom!
5. Marriage is the most fun thing I’ve ever done.
6. Jesus is everything to me.
7. Music is part of my daily life!

→ Email Amy at or connect with her on Facebook!

Sara Wynkoop

Lonestar Proofing

About: I’m personable, professional and down to earth. I’m dedicated to providing quality work, making life easier for the busy court reporter!

Special skills/experience:
• 3+ years of ghostwriting/editing
• Lifelong love of reading and typo correcting
• 2 degrees in social work
• Professionalism, punctuality, transparency

Fun facts: I come from a huge family and married into a huge family! I fell in love with reading because of Harry Potter. I grew up in the Midwest, but I’m obsessed with Texas (where I live now!).

→ Email Sara at or connect with her on Facebook!

Connie Kim

WordLens Proof

About: I’m Connie and I’m dedicated to helping busy court reporters. I am passionate about the English language and all things grammar. We all would enjoy more time to spend with our friends and families, and that’s exactly how I can help you. I will accurately proofread your PDF transcripts to your preferences so you can spend more time doing what you love. I’m very excited to connect with you!

Special skills/experience:
• Reliable, punctual, dedicated.
• Previously proofread in multiple languages in a corporate setting.
• Completed transcript proofreading training with The Proofreading Business Coach.

Fun facts: I was a former collegiate coxswain, so I know how to effectively communicate! I love random sports like hockey, rowing, track and field, and, thanks to Netflix, Formula 1. My husband and I love traveling, watching a wide genre of TV shows and movies, and since the pandemic, we have become BTS ARMY.

→ Email Connie at or connect with her on Facebook!

Danyelle McDow

Danyelle C. McDow

About: Making life easier for hard-working people brings me joy. I’ve combined my passion for reading, my skill for catching written mistakes, my background in architecture and construction, and my God-given desire to help people into one career – PDF transcript proofreading. You are going to be so happy you hired me!

Special skills/experience:
• BS in Architecture from Georgia Tech
• 4 years as CAD draftsman
• 11 years as homeschool teacher
• 5 years as administrative proofreader

Fun facts: Reading all kinds of fiction is my favorite! My husband of 26 years and I have three (grown) boys and a Boston terrier puppy named Bean.

→ Email Danyelle at or connect with her on Facebook!

Lori McIntosh

Proofreading by Lori Ann

About: My goal is to decrease your stress by helping you turn in polished transcripts. I’ll utilize my spelling and grammar skills, attention to detail, and experience in proofreading. I love the idea of being a part of a team, and I look forward to being a valuable part of yours.

Special skills/experience:
• 4 years of proofreading experience
• Attention to spelling and grammar

Fun facts: I love spending time with my family and friends. I love reading. I love the ocean and the mountains. I love traveling.

→ Email Lori at or connect with her on Facebook!

Catherine Kocurek

CDL Narratives

About: I am a PDF transcript proofreader for busy court reporters looking for that last set of eyes to help review and polish their work for final release. I am here to help ease the pressure of quick turnaround deadlines with rates ranging from standard to immediate turnaround, including weekends. I proof with an emphasis on overall readability while following individual reporter preferences.

Special skills/experience: Graduate degree in history, some general proofreading and editing experience, and over 30 years as an X-ray tech and mammographer.

Fun facts: I’m an avid reader, especially mystery novels! Huge fan of Agatha Christie, Louise Penny, William Kent Krueger, and Rex Stout. Enjoying life with my amazing daughter and my devoted beagle-dachshund mix!

→ Email Catherine at or connect with her on Facebook!

Janet St. Angelo

Janet’s Precision Proofreading, LLC

About: My focus is on YOU, a busy court reporter! My aim is to return transcripts to you proofed accurately and on time so that you will have more freedom to do what you love. Working with people comes easy for me, so I know our time together, as a team, will be pleasant for both of us. I’ve been told that I don’t do anything without putting my whole heart into it. I can’t disagree with that. I am looking forward to putting my all into our first transcript together!

Special skills/experience: With a background in nursing, I bring my knowledge of medical terminology to the proofreading table! I minored in English in college, and have always had a love for our language. My ten years of government work included editing time-sensitive legal documents which ultimately were incorporated into our state’s statutes. I was the go-to person for that! My critical eye is keen to find those pesky mistakes, and I will use the firm foundation that I’ve developed with The Proofreading Business Coach to return polished transcripts to you. Friends describe me as outgoing, funny and caring of others. I truly feel that we receive more when we give of ourselves to others. That is how I like to live my life. I will bring this generosity of spirit to my business.

Fun facts: I love the beach, a good football game, good Cajun food, and ballroom dancing. I have two wonderful entrepreneurial daughters and three athletic grandchildren. My new kittens, Henry and Bella, have added a layer of fun in my household. They get into EVERYTHING! I’m so glad that I maintain an excitement for life, and I am so looking forward to what is in store for me.

→ Email Janet at or connect with her on Facebook!

Shawnee Hornung

Proofreading by Shawnee

About: I am currently a licensed cosmetologist, and I have owned my own business for 13 years.

Special skills/experience: I have completed transcript proofreading training with The Proofreading Business Coach.

Fun facts: I am a very positive person, and I enjoy working with people. Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I love true crime so what better way to have the best of both worlds than proofreading for court reporters.

→ Email Shawnee at!

Kiri Jones

Kiri Jones Services

About: My name is Kiri Jones and I am excited to be able to combine my enthusiasm for grammar and love of the law into a career as a transcript proofreader. Having a love of reading, I frequently observe spelling and grammar errors in all forms of media which has made me the go-to proofreader amongst my friends and coworkers for years. I enjoy meeting new people and I pride myself on my problem-solving efficiency and my team-player mentality. I am committed in my ability to provide an unparalleled and stress-free service to court reporters, so you can spend more time doing what you love!! Whether you are a new or veteran court reporter, I look forward to working with you!!

Special skills/experience: I graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s in criminal justice with a minor in psychology, but before that, I majored in nursing, so I am familiar with both legal and medical terminology. My coworkers describe me as reliable, easy to work with, and punctual.

Fun facts: I recently left my government job and am a new stay-at-home mom. I love to camp, read, and spend time with my family. I am a huge fan of Law and Order: SVU and The Office and am looking forward to the opportunity to watch my son grow up.

→ Email Kiri at or connect with her on Facebook!

Kerry Walters

Beeline Editorial Services

About: I’m Kerry, the owner of Beeline Editorial Services. I know how busy you are, and I’m here to save you time — time you could be spending with your loved ones, earning more money, relaxing, or taking care of yourself! I will accurately proofread your PDF transcripts so you can focus on living. I have training (and many pages worth of experience) in proofreading transcripts, so you can feel confident that your transcript will be taken care of. I specialize in accurately proofing to your preferences and for readability.

Special skills/experience:
• Punctual, efficient, conscientious, and an effective communicator.
•  Transcript proofreading training.
•  General proofreading and copyediting training and experience.
•  An endorsed degree in psychology with 12 months of professional training.
•  12 years working in addiction recovery therapy and mental health support.
• Experience in working with child protection cases.

Fun facts: I have three children (a son, a daughter, and a Siberian husky). They are my soul! I love to read and have an eclectic list of favorites. My TBR pile is huge! I love to sing and have even sung for a show at Disneyland Paris. I love a TV boxset binge and will give almost anything a watch!

→ Email Kerry at or connect with her on Facebook!

Lauri Nowlin

LMN Proofreading

About: I’m a PDF transcript proofreader, dedicated to helping busy court reporters. I proofread to CR preferences and can be relied upon to deliver on time.

Special skills/experience: 10+ years as a freelancer with excellent time management skills, 20+ years experience with medical terminology and documentation, and extensive training as a transcript proofreader

Fun facts: If I’m not playing with my dog or working on my old house, I’m probably playing with yarn.

→ Email Lauri at or connect with her on Facebook!

Elena Dolphin

Night Owl Proofing

About: Growing up, my mother was a stickler for grammar, and that trait was passed along to me. This has served me well over the years and led to me being the go-to proofreader among my fellow educators and even my bosses. With transcript proofreading, I feel I have found the perfect outlet for not only my inner word nerd but also in line with my previous experience of providing a support system where it is needed most.

Special skills/experience: I come from a preschool teaching background, so I know firsthand the importance of building a trusting relationship with those who leave their precious cargo in your care. Be it a child or a transcript, a ton of attention, teamwork, and care is needed to help them be their best. Easy to work with, detail-oriented, and notoriously punctual, I’m excited to be lending you a helping hand in getting your transcripts where they need to be!

Fun facts: Nothing makes me happier than staying in and staying up reading into the wee hours of the morning! I also love to draw and bake in my spare time–that is, when I’m not trapped being a pillow for one of my four cats.

→ Email Elena at or connect with her on Facebook!

Colleen Hayes

C Hayes Proofs

About: You are a dedicated professional in the justice system, working hard to accurately represent proceedings. Your schedule is tight and the stakes are high! Even the most eagle-eyed CR can miss swapped words and stray capitalizations under that much pressure. I’ll work with your preferences and deadlines to make sure your courtroom transcripts are polished and on time. Saving you time and letting your professional pride shine 🌟

Special skills/experience: Fast and flexible time frames, B.A. in English

Fun facts: I am fluent in German and taught abroad in Austria. Life-long Trekkie!

→ Email Colleen at or connect with her on Facebook!

Leslie Walton

Proof Perfect LLC

About: Hello! I’m Leslie and I love to proofread! Having trained with The Proofreading Business Coach, I have worked hard to build skills and experience that will help lighten the workload of busy court reporters. I truly believe that lifting others up and working as a team is the key to success. I offer quick, accurate proofreading with clean annotations. I look forward to meeting new court reporters and forming long-term relationships.

Special skills/experience: I have 20 years of experience in customer support for the financial services world. This experience, along with my proofreading training, allows me to offer top-notch service to my clients. I have honed my skills in client communication, organization and time management. I am reliable and dependable and excited to work as a team to help my clients to succeed.

Fun facts: Living in the mountains of Colorado, there are so many activities right out the front door. I love to mountain bike, hike and snowboard. I’m a lacrosse mom who loves to travel, bake and read murder mysteries.

→ Email Leslie at or connect with her on Facebook!

Katie Hallmark

Hallmark Proofreading

About: I bring my love of reading, grammar, spelling, and accuracy to your transcripts to help make them clean and ready for your clients. I know you are busy and that clean transcripts are a priority, and I want to make your life easier and your clients satisfied.

Special skills/experience:
I’ve been reading since toddlerhood and proofreading since college, including my university’s magazine, with a few online publishing companies, and at work. I spent several years at an AmLaw 100 law firm and am familiar with many legal terms and processes.

Fun facts: I spent a semester in Chile during college and visited some incredible landmarks including the Atacama desert and the Emporio de la Rosa ice cream parlor.

→ Email Katie at or connect with her on Facebook!

Caroline Patterson

Patterson Proofs

About: Having worked 22 years in a high-pressure industry where the daily pace is warp speed and the expectation of precision and detail is atmospherically high, I am perfectly situated to lighten your workload. I can’t wait to help make your job easier!

Special skills/experience:
Proficient researcher, punctual, communicative, teammate!!

Fun facts: Having grown up in a zany theater family, I’ve had a bunch of unique jobs in my youth. Traveling circus, touring ice skating shows, cruise ship singer… the list goes on! Once I settled in LA, I made a 23-year career out of being a union costumer in the film and TV business. And, after 23 years, I decided I needed something new~and I am so lucky to have found transcript proofreading!

→ Email Caroline at or connect with her on Facebook!

Aubry Hartman

Aubry Proofs

About: I aim to make the life of busy court reporters easier by proofreading transcripts with charm in an efficient and confident way so that they can get time back to spend with their favorite people, pets and hobbies. 

Special skills/experience:
• Masters in psychology
• Grammar enthusiast
• Punctual and conscientious communication

Fun facts: I’ve had the gift of being married to my best friend for 14 years, we have three amazing kids, and I love to cook, travel, read, and enjoy crime shows.

→ Email Aubry at or connect with her on Facebook!

Bess Voegeli

Bess Voegeli Proofreading LLC

About: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I have 17 years of experience working at the United States Postal Service.

Special skills/experience: I have medical terminology experience. I am a lifelong learner, reliable and punctual.

Fun facts: I started weightlifting at the age of 47. I’m hooked and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I recently moved from Missouri to Arizona for a job transfer.

→ Email Bess at or connect with her on Facebook!

Suzie Johnson

Rockstar Proofreading

About: Having trained with The Proofreading Business Coach, I am confident that my love for reading and detail will bring that final set of eyes to your transcript and make it perfect.

Special skills/experience: I have worked in a medical environment for over 30 years and medical terminology has become a passion. I can now apply my love for words and grammar to the legal world. I couldn’t be more excited to help busy court reporters turn in high-quality transcripts!

Fun facts: I love reading fiction, especially suspense and horror novels. I used to sing in a rock band and music is my obsession. I’ve been married for 20 years and we have a German shepherd.

→ Email Suzie at or connect with her on Facebook!

Shannon Weathers

Shannon Weathers Transcript Proofreading LLC

About: I get to help court reporters with my passion, expertise and empathy. I understand their work is very tedious; therefore, I am honored to take that load off their shoulders. I am there to help make the last step of the court reporting process easy peasy while being diligent with a keen eye.

Special skills/experience: Having my master’s in reading and 10+ years of teaching experience, it is second nature to proofread! Spelling errors and grammatical errors stick out to me like a sore thumb so it brings so much pleasure to fix them. Transcript proofreading has become my niche because I can bring my expertise in reading and writing to a whole other level. I have spent years teaching students how to revise and edit their work and now I am doing that skill on a bigger level for court reporters.

Fun facts: I am the optimist in the room! Life happens but seeing the good is what keeps that positive mindset—personally and professionally! I am a proud fur mama to rescued pups and kitties. I am a newlywed as of 5 months ago! I love to design and decorate our home. Redoing furniture, especially heirlooms, is such a satisfying hobby! Let’s not forget I love a good Netflix binge, too! 🙂 

→ Email Shannon at or connect with her on Facebook!

Candis Lee

Proofreading by Candis

About: I’m Candis, owner of Proofreading by Candis. I’ve always had a love for proofreading and I am very excited to make a career out of what I love! I am dedicated to helping court reporters have more time and less stress by making the process smooth and efficient. I want you to feel as though we’re partners working towards the same goal – making you look good!

Special skills/experience:

  • Registered Nurse knowledgeable in medical terminology.
  • Bachelor’s in Anthropology from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana).
  • Previously worked as a transcriptionist for an investigative service.
  • I’m very meticulous, responsible, punctual, and I believe kindness is key!

Fun facts: I love to sing! I’ve sung at over 100 weddings through the years. I also used to work at Starbucks and can give you some good drink recommendations. I’m married with three kids and love cross-stitching and tennis! 

→ Email Candis at or connect with her on Facebook!

Susanne Toth

Precise Proofreading

About: Hello! I’m Susanne, and I’m excited to have a career that combines my knowledge of punctuation and grammar with my passion for reading! I have been an avid reader throughout my life. One of my favorite childhood memories is reading on our front porch during rainstorms. Getting lost in a book while hearing the rain was heaven for me! Mystery, fiction, biography, psychology, etc… I love them all! Along with my keen eye for detail, I have turned into the grammar/spelling police amongst my friends and co-workers. I would love to be the second set of eyes for your transcripts so you can take a break and have less stress!

Special skills/experience: While my professional career started in corporate banking, I realized that I didn’t find it very interesting. l preferred to work in a way that helps people, so most of my positions have been focused on client service. I find it rewarding to be able to develop friendly relationships with clients, and then I can focus my services to their preferences. I have been described as reliable, punctual, friendly, precise, and easy to work with. I’ve always been the one to find punctuation and spelling errors and I enjoy doing some research for projects, as I consider myself a lifelong learner!

Fun facts: I love to travel and I especially love to travel outside the United States. When I travel abroad, I find the cultural differences to be so fascinating. I love to take it all in and learn as much as I can about the culture while I’m there. My most recent trips were to Bermuda and Lake Como, Italy. I am looking forward to proofreading remotely while traveling!

→ Email Susanne at or connect with her on Facebook!

Kate Flora

Proofs by Kate

About: My business, Proofs by Kate, is all about helping people. I’m a PDF proofreader that is more than ready to be there for all you court reporters out there who are looking for a breath of fresh air. I’ve worked hard the past several months building up my skills and the business itself, and I am beyond excited to finally be bringing you the services I know you need!

Special skills/experience: My mother taught me to read at the age of four, and I’ve never looked back. Reading is a passion of mine, and my eye for detail means I can utilize that passion for the good of others as well as myself, and to me that means everything! In college, I majored in English, wrote for the school paper, and did a lot of creative writing. After college though, I found myself more interested in the technical side of things like math and science. I didn’t pursue those interests deeply, but the path I followed led me to transcript proofreading which feels like the perfect mixture of elements to satisfy all the areas of my excited brain!

Fun facts: My three favorite things are books, the outdoors, and my cat!

→ Email Kate at!

Brandi Pollard

Proofreading by Brandi

About: I love finding errors in everyday life and being the grammar police on my pre-teen’s homework! So becoming a transcript proofreader was a no-brainer for me. I’m very passionate about proper grammar and you’ll see that in my proofreading. I have an eagle eye for errors and I proof for them according to your preferences.

Special skills/experience: I have experience in both transcript proofreading as well as general proofreading. I’ve graduated and received my general proofreading certificate from Knowadays (formerly Proofreading Academy) as well as received transcript proofreading training from The Proofreading Business Coach. My skills include being very detail-oriented, open to feedback and constructive criticism, as well as being an effective communicator. I have a degree in Veterinary Technology which means I am well-versed in most medical terminology. I also have 10 years’ experience in the automotive industry as a CT tech performing non-destructive testing and quality control testing on airbag inflators.

Fun facts: Some fun facts about me are that I love to crochet (self-taught) and I’m a sucker for a good pastry!

→ Email Brandi at or connect with her on Facebook!

Savannah Hinch

Clear Cut Proofreading

About: My name’s Savannah, a proofreader who has grown up listening to the fun, the boring, and the downright questionable that comes with the job of being a court reporter. I’m here to make life a whole lot easier for court reporters who just need to take a step back and breathe!

Special skills/experience: Reliable, punctual, prior CR knowledge through family, and a strong understanding of daily CR struggles

Fun facts: I’m a new mom, love to ice skate, and a huge fan of Law and Order and The Office. My mom is a CR!

→ Email Savannah at or connect with her on Facebook!

Rachel Santino

Armadillo Proofreading

About: Rachel was born in Virginia but lives in California. She loves reading and has turned her passion into a job she enjoys. Reach out to lessen your workload and make a work friend too!

Special skills/experience: Punctual, Responsible, Thorough, Relatable, and Easy to Work With

Fun facts: I lived in Japan and taught English on a small, rural island. I also edit western fiction and historical romance novels. I was raised by two fathers who instilled my love for the Old West—my dad read every western ever written, and my stepdad was from Texas and inspired my love for armadillos. He was a circuit court judge! 

→ Email Rachel at or connect with her on Facebook!

Danielle Powell

Powell Proofreading, LLC

About: There are two things that I understood about myself when I was a child: I love working with words, and I love helping people. Being a transcript proofreader allows me to do both. I get the pleasure of helping you turn in your best work while doing what I love. I understand you are an incredibly busy person. If I can do anything to help you with your workload, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Special skills/experience: I am detail-oriented, organized, punctual, and an avid reader. For many years, I have been asked to be the second set of eyes for friends, family, and coworkers. I love learning new things. I love doing light research for transcripts! I have an extensive background in customer service and ensuring their needs are met. I can apply this to make sure my clients’ preferences are being met and they are happy with the service I provide.

Fun facts: I am married and have a daughter, who I have homeschooled for a few years now. We have two shih tzus who serve as my foot warmers while I proofread. I love Star Wars, Final Fantasy, and Harry Potter. My favorite beverage is coffee no matter the time of day.

→ Email Danielle at or connect with her on Facebook!

Jim Breeze

Breeze Proofreading, LLC

About: Hello. I’m Jim, and I’ve had a passion for grammar, proofreading, and editing for a long time now. I got started as a Technical Writer for a Fortune 500 business, helping to maintain internal procedures for support staff, as well as maintaining SEC compliance in the mortgage industry. Before that, I graduated from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and spent a short time as a police officer, so I’m also familiar with the legal side of things and the court process.

Special skills/experience: I’m here to help lighten your workload, which I know to be extensive. Let me be the last fresh pair of eyes to go over your transcripts, and I’ll ensure that they are accurate, clear, and easily readable. I love to read in my spare time, and I’d like to think I’m pretty fast, so don’t worry about meeting deadlines.

Fun facts: I’m a bit of a nerd/geek, and love all things Star Wars, Disney, tabletop gaming, and Dungeons & Dragons. Our idea of a good vacation is to either travel to one of the Disney parks, or to a board gaming convention like GenCon or Origins here in my home state of Ohio (go Buckeyes!).

→ Email Jim at or connect with him on Facebook!

Sheila Prochnow

S Prochnow Proofreader

About: I’m Sheila, the “S” in S Prochnow Proofreader, and I deliver peace of mind to hardworking court reporters who need prompt, reliable, accurate PDF proofreading. I’ve been a word nerd and grammar geek ever since I was a kid watching Schoolhouse Rock. My professional experience includes three years proofreading legal and financial document translations at a multinational accounting firm, two years as a freelance general proofreader, and three years as a university language testing researcher.

Special skills/experience: Have you ever noticed when you read a transcript over and over that everything starts to blur together, and your eye skips over small details like missing words and spelling or punctuation errors? Scientists call this “typo blindness.” It happens because your highly efficient brain already knows the correct details and fills them in for you. Your solution? Call in an experienced proofreader with a sharp eye for detail (like me!). I catch the tiny errors your busy eyes can no longer see, and make clear annotations to your transcript so you can finalize it with confidence and assurance.

Fun facts: Reading is my #1 pastime: I love escaping into graphic novels, humorous essays, and Japanese crime fiction. I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson movies, and I’ll watch anything starring Frances McDormand. Foods I’m obsessed with are fresh apples from my home state (Michigan), grass-fed rib eyes, and real croissants.

→ Email Sheila at or connect with her on Facebook!

Dawn King

Dawn King Proofreads

About: I am here to help save time in your day by not having to read transcripts over and over. I love to read and am always finding errors on pages, so why not allow me to help you? My goal is to provide professional and accurately annotated transcripts. You can be confident in your decision to hire me because I am precise, punctual, professional and friendly. Let me help you win back some of your precious free time!

Special skills/experience: *Organized and a great communicator.
*11 years experience in customer service and claims industry for a top insurance company.
*Past TX license in Property/Casualty and Life/Health insurance.
*Experience in Commercial Accounts Receivables.
*Clients have described me as patient and attentive to their likes/dislikes.

Fun facts: Singing is a passion of mine, and I have been in the Houston Show Choir for three years now. We sing and dance all throughout Houston, and share the joy of singing to all who will listen! I’ve been married for 33 years, with five amazing grown children. My biggest thrill lately is that my first grandchild was born this past January. I love being a new grandma! I’m also addicted to TV and movies. When I’m not working or performing, you’ll find me in front of my TV!

→ Email Dawn at or connect with her on Facebook!

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa M. Eldridge

About: My name is Lisa Eldridge. Not to be confused with Lisa Eldridge, the makeup artist, I am Lisa Eldridge, the mark-up artist! I love reading and catching errors in the written word. Transcription and proofreading go together, and I am happy to apply these skills to legal proofreading as well. Send your files to me as a PDF, and I will send them back with clear annotations in a timely fashion. While I won’t be able to help with your makeup, I WILL be able to help with your transcripts!

Special skills/experience: I love to read, and what really gives me satisfaction is being able to fix errors in the written word. My background consists of over 16 years of medical and general transcription experience. Because of this and the fact that many of my general transcription projects have been for pharmaceutical companies, medical terminology is my specialty. In addition, I have experience with general proofreading, having proofread book and e-book projects for authors. As a busy mom and business owner, I understand the pressure that comes with trying to find a work-life balance. I would love to help ease your stress, allowing you to turn in polished transcripts and maybe even have some free time in your day.

Fun facts: I’m an avid gardener. Caring for my plants is something I look forward to every season. Thomas Jefferson, the master gardener of master gardeners, said in his later years, “Though I am an old man, I am but a young gardener.” I love that about gardening—always something to learn!

→ Email Lisa at!

Consuela R. Taylor

Second Pair of Eyes

About: I am a former court reporter. I fully understand ALL the issues and stresses you face. In addition to my court reporting background, I also have a background in the medical field as a former Radiologic Technologist and certification in Medical Billing and Coding. Have received extensive transcript proofreading training and practice, using real transcripts.

Special skills/experience: As an avid reader, word/grammar nerd, a lover of medical and police dramas and reality shows, *Dom-Dom,* I look forward to parlaying these interests into a career in legal transcript proofreading. I will be your second pair of eyes to proofread transcripts for you, the busy court reporter. I would love to be part of your team to help make this last stage of the process as easy as possible. I will work diligently to proofread your transcripts for readability and to your preferences; while maintaining grammar and spelling integrity. I stay up so you don’t have to!

Fun facts: I prefer to go by my middle name, Renee. I’ve always been a night owl. I love to laugh! I have a dry…some would say “sarcastic” sense of humor. I can easily go down the gif/meme rabbit hole if I don’t restrain myself.

→ Email Renee at or connect with her on Facebook!

Candace Camacho

Mocha Proofreading Services

About: Hello! I’m Candace and I’m the proofreader behind Mocha Proofreading Services. Reading, listening, and watching crime drama/true crime is a favorite past-time of mine. Proofreading transcripts allows me access to the legal world and combines it with my love of reading. I view myself as a member of the court reporter’s team, helping you reduce your to-do list and giving you peace of mind. I meticulously review your transcripts so you are assured that inconsistencies and errors are corrected and your work is ready to submit.

Special skills/experience: I’m an avid reader and I enjoy staying up to date on ever-evolving punctuation rules, especially as they apply to court reporting. My professional background is in the medical field as a registered nurse. This experience affords me a strong comfort level with medical terminology and with sensitive subjects in general. As a nurse, I have experience working under pressure, on a team, and can focus on the important details. My experience means I’m flexible and can easily tailor my proofreading style to your preferences and needs.

Fun facts: I’m married, have a two-year-old daughter, and a dog named Prissy. Mocha is a combination of my maiden and married names – and I love coffee! I enjoy baking new recipes and rarely bake the same thing twice (for better or worse). I love to travel and visit new places of all kinds, ranging from the World’s Largest Pistachio in New Mexico to the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

→ Email Candace at or connect with her on Facebook!


Lisa Blazer

Blazer Transcript Proofreading LLC

About: I started Blazer Transcript Proofreading in November 2021 to help busy court reporters prepare high-quality legal transcripts on time, every time! I accept transcript files in PDF form via email and would welcome the opportunity to help you lighten your workload! **Effective September 2022, my availability is Monday-Friday. Weekends and holidays are not included in turnaround times unless previously agreed. Thank you!

Special skills/experience: As an avid reader, I frequently observe spelling and grammar errors in various forms of media. My social work degree included coursework in English, pre-law, social services, and medical terminology. My professional background is in banking, insurance (medical and property), and managing my family’s plumbing business. This experience, combined with my extensive transcript proofreading training, provides me with a solid foundation to effectively proofread legal transcripts for maximum accuracy.

Fun facts: I’m a proud lefty! I own a travel trailer and have even proofread for clients in it while on vacation. My favorite animals are elephants and orcas. I unexpectedly became an adoptive mother overnight at age 43 and my son is my greatest joy.

→ Email Lisa at or connect with her on Facebook!

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