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Welcome to The Transcript Proofreader Community, the elite membership to support you in your transcript proofreading business.

As a transcript proofreader,

how many times have you stayed up at night worried about these?

You want to take a vacation or even just a weekend off, but you’re concerned who will take care of your court reporters as well as you do while you’re gone. 
You sometimes get so overwhelmed with work that you’d love to have a backup proofer on hand in case you get too much in day.
You have new CRs contacting you, you’re overloaded — but you’d like to still do them a professional courtesy and refer them to a trustworthy proofreader. 
You’re about to go on maternity leave/surgery/emergency leave and need some proofers to take care of your clients for you while you’re gone (and then give them back!). 
You’re concerned who could take of your CRs if  you get sick.
You know you have a lot of value and skill to provide CRs as their proofreader; you just need the opportunity to work with more clients to prove that.
You would love more court reporters to work with, but it’s challenging to break into the CR world (through no fault of your own — you’ve been marketing hard!)
You’re excited about starting your own proofreading business but you can’t quite figure out the magic key to getting consistent CRs you want to work with. 
You had big plans starting your business, but you’re not getting the traction you want.

If you shouted YES! to any of those, you are not alone, my proofreading friend!


That’s why The Transcript Proofreader Community was created for you,


a place where you as a transcript proofreader can connect inside a community of like-minded, trustworthy proofreaders to…

Find clients;
Have access to reliable proofreaders to help with vacation/sick time/maternity leave/overflow;

Be with other proofreaders who get what you do and are there to support each other in a drama-free community;

Give and get support on transcript proofreading and business questions; and

Uplevel your business to what you want it to look like (more clients, more flexibility, more time off — you set the rules for your business, the community helps you make it happen!).

I’m Elizabeth, a professional proofreader for busy court reporters and The Proofreading Business Coach. 

As a proofreader, my speciality is connecting with CRs and not just proofreading for them, but creating strong, lasting relationships built on trust, a sense of humor, and a little bit of proofreader magic sprinkled in. As The Proofreading Business Coach, I specialize in helping proofreaders get clients and manage their proofreading businesses. 

I love being a proofreader. But I was overwhelmed and overworked. I knew that to be able to show up for my clients, other proofreaders, my family, and myself, I needed a strong support system built in. 

And that’s how The Transcript Proofreader Community was created.

How does The Transcript Proofreader Community support you?

You’re a busy (or overwhelmed!) transcript proofreader who would love more flexibility with their business but have a hard time finding proofreaders they know and can trust to cover for them when needed.

You’re a talented new proofreader working to start your business and looking for additional work.

The Transcript Proofreader Community brings both together into an elite group dedicated to supporting the awesome transcript proofreaders you are. Each member has been vetted through a detailed application process so you can feel confident the proofreaders you’re working with have the same standards you do.

Also included:

Monthly live coaching

(a $900 yearly value!)

Sometimes running your own transcript proofreading business can feel lonely and overwhelming. If you’re looking for extra support and community, you’ll love these monthly LIVE group coaching sessions via Zoom led by myself (and guest experts!). 

These group coaching sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn while building connections with each other over your favorite drink. Join live or watch the recorded replays. We’ll cover topics together like 

– marketing (for even more client opportunities!)
– client management
– work/life balance
– productivity
– and more

 This place isn’t for just any proofreader to join though. 

We respect your reputation as a professional proofreader who works hard to maintain a high level of excellence and trust with your clients.

This is for elite proofreaders who are

– Stellar transcript proofreaders
– Ethical, trustworthy, and reliable
– Hardworking
– Supportive and interactive


To make sure this high level of professionalism is maintained, each member is approved through an application process, personally reviewed by me. 

Your application includes:

  • A brief summary of your applicable experience
  • At least two CR testimonials (if no previous experience, a sample transcript you’ve proofed)
  • Acknowledgment you have reference sheets for each of your regular clients
  • A brief outline of your client management process
  • Your rate sheet

Your application will be reviewed within 3 days and on approval, you can join immediately and start upleveling your transcript proofreading business. 

To apply, enter your name and email below, and I’ll send the application link straight to your inbox (no spam, ever). 


The Transcript Proofreader Community is a monthly membership of $20/month.

To celebrate the launch of The Transcript Proofreader Community, if you join by June 30, 2021, get $5 off your monthly membership for as long as you renew! 


Do I need proofreading experience to join?
One of the toughest things for new proofreaders is to break into a niche and become successful. There are stellar proofreaders out there who will do an exceptional job with their first client, and therefore experience is not a make-or-break part of your application. However, proofreading for CRs is a very specific skill set. At the very least, you should have training in how to proofread for CRs, as well as your business process set up and ready to go.  
How will I get access + what it's like inside?

After your application is approved and you have joined the community, you will get access to the drama-free membership Facebook group where jobs and any proofreading-related questions are posted. You’ll also get access to your resource center were the recorded coaching sessions are posted.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. Cancel your memership at any time.

Are you affiliated with any groups or businesses?
The Transcript Proofreader Community is only affiliated with The Proofreading Business Coach. 
I only go on vacation once a year; is it still worth it to join?

Absolutely! You never know what will come up where you need (or want!) to take some time off. Plus being around and interacting with the other proofreaders inside the group will help you feel even more confident when you do “share” your CRs when you take time off. It’s also helpful if you get new CRs reaching out to you in need of a proofreader, you can refer a proofreader from the group to them. Not to mention the monthly group coaching sessions included with the membership!

Why is your application process so detailed?
Proofreaders know how invaluable their reputations are. And we want to rest easy that when we refer to CRs, we are referring someone we can trust to take care of our clients or referrals either permanently or for the period we need them to cover for us or be a backup. 
How does the application process work?

It’s easy-peasy! Everything is submitted in one place through a Google Form. Enter your name and email here and I’ll send it straight to your inbox.

After you’ve submitted your application, I will review and reach out to you within 3 business days.


Do you guarantee I'll get clients?
This isn’t mean to be a guaranteed job placement service, so I can’t guarantee you will get clients. What you will have is the space for opportunities, growth, and connections — everything proofreaders need to be successful! 
Do you guarantee a proofreader can always cover for me?
I can’t guarantee you’ll always have the perfect proofreader available, but this community fosters group support and showing up for each other. There are lots of proofreaders eager for work, and the ones here have been vetted as much as possible!
I have more questions. Can I email you?
Absolutely! I want to make sure you feel comfortable this is right for you before you dive in. Send me an email using the form below, and I will respond within 24 hours (please allow for additional time over weekends/holidays).

Questions? Want to chat?

Send me an email!

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