Learn how to spot the most commonly confused and misused grammar rules

(so you can be the best paid proofreader on planet earth)

Does this sound like you?

You LOVE to read. It’s one of your favorite things to do. (Heck, if someone would pay you to read, you’d be all over that.)

You notice typos and grammar mistakes everywhere — menus, news announcements, books, emails, blog posts, social media posts.

You’d love to make some money off your error-finding skills. 

• But you just aren’t confident enough in your grammar skills. (Or you’d like to brush up on those weird rules — it’s been a year or two since high school English anyway.)


I hear you loud and clear!

What if you could…

 Learn some awesome grammar rules? (The ones people mess up ALL the time!)

Feel confident in your grammar skills? 

• Get prepared to make some money with your very own proofreading clients?

If learning grammar rules and fixing errors is something you’d be excited about, then I have the fun, easy, non-boring way to do just that.

Introducing The Grammar Masterclass!

By the end of The Grammar Masterclass, you will…

→ Understand the most common grammar errors you’ll see proofreading;

→ Have some practice under your belt;

→ Feel confident in your grammar abilities;

→ Be ready to make some money proofreading.

What to expect

In The Grammar Masterclass, we’ll cover…

→ 40+ grammar rules

→ Lots of examples on how to use those grammar rules in real life. (Because you don’t have the time to learn the boring textbook grammar stuff.)

Forget stale, confusing grammar books. This is like hanging out over a drink and talking grammar together! 

And there’s more for you!

The Grammar Masterclass Workbook

It’s designed to go right along with your masterclass so you can take notes and actually practice spotting errors using real-life examples.

The Grammar Masterclass Workbook goes beyond the masterclass itself and includes…

→ An answer key (yes, please!)

→ 50+ commonly confused words and phrases

→ Helpful proofreading resources


Test your skills and prove to the world you’re now a master grammarian!

When you’ve finished the masterclass, you’ll be eligible to take The Grammar Masterclass Assessment, a 50-question exam on everything you’ve studied in The Grammar Masterclass. 

When you pass the exam, download The Grammar Masterclass Assessment badge and proudly display it on your website and social media accounts. 

Show your proofreading clients you know what you’re talking about!

Excited to start The Grammar Masterclass today?

Register now to get instant (and lifetime!) access for just $47.

>> Wondering if The Grammar Masterclass is right for you? <<

This is for you if…

→ You love reading and grammar.

→ You want to get better at grammar.

→ You were good at grammar back in school, but you’d like some practice before you start proofreading.

→ You want to build your confidence in your grammar skills.

This is NOT for you if…

× You hate grammar and don’t want to get better at it.

× You don’t like learning.

× You aren’t willing to take the masterclass and go through the workbook.

The Grammar Masterclass FAQs

How long does The Grammar Masterclass take to complete?

The Grammar Masterclass itself is 45 minutes long. I prerecorded it so you can pause it to take notes or spend more time practicing. Take it at your pace!

The workbook is made to go along with the masterclass so you can practice the examples along with the masterclass. There are also other resources packed into the workbook for you to read through.

The Grammar Masterclass + Workbook are both fully self-paced. You can easily complete it in an afternoon. (And you can reference it again and again as you need it over the years ahead as a proofreader!)

How will I get access?

You will get instant access to The Grammar Masterclass + Workbook! As soon as you sign up, I’ll send you an email with your login info, and you can jump right in and get started. 

How long will I have to take The Grammar Masterclass?

You have lifetime access!

What is The Grammar Masterclass + Workbook like inside?

The Grammar Masterclass is a recorded video to watch. The workbook is a fillable PDF that you can either use on your computer or print out.

Can I take this if I'm in the UK (or elsewhere outside of the US)?

The Grammar Masterclass is written with American spelling/grammar in mind. However, many of the same rules apply wherever you are in the English-speaking world! Many proofreaders work with clients all around the world and adapt as necessary. 

What manual of style/style guide is used in the masterclass?

The Grammar Masterclass is based on the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition).

Do I need to be good at grammar to take this?

Nope! No need to be a grammar expert to take The Grammar Masterclass. That’s what I’m here to help you with! 

I do suggest you have a strong grasp of the English language before you take The Grammar Masterclass. It’s meant to grow your grammar skills, not start from scratch.


Do I need any special equipment to take this course?

You will need a computer (or tablet) and an internet connection. And that’s it! The Grammar Masterclass + Workbook is mean to be taken completely online. Some people like to print out their workbooks to have handy, so if you’d like to do that, you’ll need a printer. I’ve made it printer friendly (without a ton of ink on all the pages!).

What is your refund policy?

Because The Grammar Masterclass + Workbook is completely digital, once you have purchased it, it is yours to keep. I do not issue any refunds.

Because of my no-refund policy, I make sure I give you all the info upfront that you need to make a smart purchase. If you have any additional questions you’d like to ask me so you can feel 100% confident about your purchase, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them!

I have more questions. Can I email you?

Absolutely! You should feel good that this is right for you before you dive in. Click here to send me an email. I will respond within 24 hours (please allow for additional time over weekends/holidays).

About the instructor

Hey! I’m Elizabeth Wiegner, professional proofreader, course creator, and work-from-home entrepreneur. My mom taught me how to read when I was three (yes, three!), and I’ve been a HUGE reader ever since. When I got into high school, I fell in love with grammar and especially the part where I got to find mistakes and point them out — and people actually wanted me (and paid me!) to do that!

Since 2006, I’ve made thousands and thousands with my proofreading business (and that’s just as a side hustle!). Beyond the money, I’ve made some wonderful friends in the proofreading world, have built great relationships with amazing clients, and read some pretty awesome content. It’s a job I’ve never gotten tired of and I love to pieces.

Because I love my proofreading job SO much and I know there are other people out there (like YOU!) who love reading, grammar, and fixing things too, I created The Grammar Masterclass and Make Money Proofreading.

That’s because my mission is to show you how to make money proofreading by giving you practical, step-by-step action items to start a proofreading business so you can turn your love for grammar into a job you actually love and become the best paid proofreaders on planet earth.

Ready to do this? You’ve got this!

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