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Hey! I’m Elizabeth, The Proofreading Business Coach.

I help readers and grammar lovers turn their passion for words into a freelance work-from-home business.

Since 2006, I’ve made thousands of dollars¬†with my proofreading business. But there’s nothing special about me. YOU can do the same thing too. It’s all about taking the skills you already have and learning how to make money with those skills.

I’ve gone through courses, googled (a ton…), masterminded with proofreading and marketing geniuses, experimented with different proofing methods…and made a lot of mistakes through trial and error.

As The Proofreading Business Coach, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and put it right at your fingertips! Now, instead of starting at square one, you can skip the years of trial and error I had and dive right into what you know WILL work for you.¬†

Life’s too short to have a job you hate. Build a proofreading business and life you’re in control of — and love! I’m here to help you do just that.¬†

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