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Make money sharing the best proofreading course online with your audience so they can grow their freelance side hustle and work whenever, wherever they want.

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Join The Proofreading Business Coach Affiliate Program

Make money sharing the best proofreading course online with your audience so they can grow their freelance side hustle and work whenever, wherever they want.

  • 45% commission on each sale
  • Lifetime cookie
  • On-time monthly payouts
  • Prompt support
  • Second-to-none product

What my students and graduates are saying


Your audience follows you and buys products through your links because you’ve worked hard to build up trust and rapport with them. They trust you to share what’s good for them! I know you take that responsibility seriously. My students and graduates are my heart, and I am fully invested in them and their success as they build a business to change their lives. I’ll take good care of your referrals!

What you can promote

Share the free workshop or Phase 1 of the self-paced course. Either way, your affiliate link will capture any purchase made through the workshop, Phase 1, and beyond.

Workshop: Is Transcript Proofreading the Right Money-Making Business for You?

Free 53-minute workshop shares details about what transcript proofreading is, answers common FAQs, and helps viewers decide if this unique proofreading style is a good fit for them. Shares information about Phase 1 of Learn How to Be a Transcript Proofreader.

Course: Learn How to Be a Transcript Proofreader

Self-paced course teaches students everything they need to know to be the proofreader court reporters want to work with. Students receive unlimited support and encouragement from day one directly from myself and their proofreading peers inside my private, zero-drama transcript proofreading community. Step-by-step lessons, detailed assignments, real-life practice, and in-depth marketing how-to.

The course is divided into 3 phases so students can work through it on their own timeline. Phase 1 begins at $97 and prices advance through Phase 2 and Phase 3 (total course investment is $1,041).

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The tracking cookie is specific to your account. When someone purchases the first phase of the course, you will receive credit for all future purchases students make as they move through the phases of the course.

First cookie is used, which means if someone sees the course from multiple affiliates, you will still get the purchase credit if they clicked through your link first.

Payout timing: All commissions are eligible for payout 30 days following the sale. Payouts are issued via PayPal and are paid within the first week of the month following the commission becoming eligible. That means if someone purchases a course on May 22nd, the purchase is eligible for payout June 21st and is paid out the first week of July.

Questions: Contact me at I answer my emails promptly.

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What do transcript proofreaders do anyway? 

Transcript proofreaders specifically work with court reporters to proofread their transcripts. Transcripts are verbatim documents of the spoken word that the court reporter writes during legal proceedings. Because the wording cannot be changed, this proofreading focuses primarily on typos, dropped words, and punctuation — making it much different and more advanced than any other type of proofreading.

Is there a demand for this work? 

Yes! Since 2020, many proceedings have moved to Zoom and attorneys can now schedule much more efficiently. This means a lot more work for court reporters. Grads often post in our community about court reporters reaching out but they’re too booked!

How much money can transcript proofreaders make?

This depends on what their goals are and how actively they go after clients. They can be part-time or full-time depending on what their goals are and can make a couple hundred to a few thousand a month (or around $20-$80+ an hour). An added bonus — transcript proofers can work whenever, wherever they want! They set their own schedules and can work wherever they get internet.

How long does the course take? 

The course is outlined to take 8 weeks to complete in entirety, but it’s completely self-paced so students can work as quickly or as slowly as they like.

Who is transcript proofreading a good fit for?

Readers, typo fixers, true-crime fans, and freedom lovers looking for a side-hustle or full-time business as their own boss. They must understand conversational US English fluently and be diligent, proactive, open to learning, and willing to put in the work — this isn’t a passive, get-rich-quick business.

Do you find court reporter clients for your graduates?

Marketing is a big part of the course. I teach grads how and where to get court reporter clients without feeling icky or spammy. I know figuring out the business side of having a business plus getting clients is hard for proofers, so I spend a lot of time with students here. Plus each graduate is featured in a personalized directory I refer court reporters to!

Why is the commission percentage so high? 

Rather than dump money in Facebook for ads, I want to be able to support you and your business more ❤️

What makes you different?

I love my students and grads. I’m invested in their success and am actively involved throughout every single week in personally supporting my students and answering their questions inside our private community. I give my students all the training they need to get clients and be successful. It’s up to them to apply themselves and actually do the work — and I’m their biggest cheerleader!

I’ve been a proofreader myself since 2006 and still proofread for court reporters today.

Testimonials, feedback, and reviews are directly from students. They have not been compensated for their comments. Success/results/income is not guaranteed and can vary from student to student. Transcript proofreading is not a get-rich-quick business. It takes diligence, learning, and showing up for yourself to get the results you want. No course will give you the life you want to have unless you put in the work. Your success is up to you -- I'm here to support you!

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