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by elizabethjwiegner

What are you always told you’re “too much” of?
What have others told you are your weaknesses, that knocked the confidence and spirit out of you?

What if it was possible if you could take that “too much” and the “weaknesses” and become strong, confident, and independent? 

That was me!

What I was told vs. me now:

• Why can’t you be quiet and sweet like her…to
Speaks up for myself and others.
• Stop being so bossy to…
Led global teams and multi-million dollar sales funnels.
• You’re always going to have someone telling you what to do; you need to get used to it to…
Runs my own businesses, sets my own schedule, and am my own boss.
• You’re always discontent; you’re never happy with the way things are to…
Questions the status quo so I can think for myself and never settles for less.
• You think you’re so smart to…
Always learning, figuring things out, refining, and then coaching others so they can learn and grow too.
• A man will never want to marry you with your attitude to…
Learned skills to independently support myself AND am head-over-heels in love and couldn’t be happier married to my best friend.
• The purpose and highest calling of a woman is to be a mom to…
Suffered infertility, then a miscarriage; learned I could show up and be more for others without kids.

These transformations didn’t happen by myself or overnight. Owning my own business was one of the biggest tools to help me grow.

Having your own proofreading business means…

  • tapping into your unique skills
  • being your own boss
  • creating your own income
  • making business decisions
  • working with the clients you want to
  • setting your own schedule

A proofreading business is so much more than reading and correcting grammar errors.

Your proofreading business is a powerful tool for you to be the strong, confident, and independent human I know you can be.

It’s why I’m so passionate about helping people become proofreaders. As The Proofreading Business Coach, I’m here to help you make that happen.

Let’s get started together here.

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