Hey! I’m Elizabeth,

professional proofreader, course creator, and work-from-home entrepreneur.

My mission is to show you how to make money proofreading by giving you practical, step-by-step action items to use your grammar skills to become the best paid proofreader on planet earth.

Since 2006, I’ve made thousands and thousands with my proofreading business (and that’s just as a side hustle!).

Beyond the money, I’ve made some wonderful friends in the proofreading world, have built great relationships with amazing clients, and read some pretty awesome content. It’s a job I’ve never gotten tired of and I love to pieces.

Over my proofreading career, I’ve taken courses, googled (a ton…), masterminded with proofreading and marketing geniuses, experimented with different proofing methods…and made a lot of mistakes through trial and error.

I still proofread too! That means I’m in the trenches, and I know the current proofreading world, so can I help YOU build your successful proofreading business. 

Through my years of proofreading, I’ve learned how important it is to have a community and support as you build your business. It’s tough to figure it out alone!

That’s why I’m building a community here for YOU so you can be successful. No other proofreading community gives you the support you need like you get here at Make Money Proofreading!

I live in Oklahoma with my most favorite person, my husband, Jonathan. (Who also happens to be my powerlifting/strength training coach!) We have three very spoiled cats who you’ll see featured regularily on my social accounts — Nancy Drew, Solomon, and Penelope. Besides proofreading, I love to play Eurogames, ride my Peloton, and eat out at local restaurants with Jonathan.

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