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Each proofreader listed below is a graduate of Learn How to Be a Transcript Proofreader, a live intensive course taught by The Proofreading Business Coach.

Graduates received training in

  • punctuation and grammar specific to the spoken word
  • legal terminology
  • research
  • how to work with CR preferences
  • communication techniques
  • business management
  • ethics and confidentiality

Beyond that, they have completed extensive practice on real-life transcripts and received individualized feedback on their proofread transcripts in the course.

Graduates have passed both a grammar and transcript exam to demonstrate they have the skills to proofread transcripts.

In other words, they are ready to show up and be an awesome proofreader for YOU!

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Lisa Blazer Helpling

Lisa Blazer Helpling

Blazer Transcript Proofreading LLC

About: I’m Lisa, owner of Blazer Transcript Proofreading. With the increased use of online communication for legal services in today’s world, I have turned my love of reading and all things grammar into a service to assist busy court reporters in preparing high-quality legal transcripts in a timely manner. I accept transcript files in PDF form via email and would welcome the opportunity to help you lighten your workload!

Special skills/experience: As an avid reader, I frequently observe spelling and grammar errors in various forms of media. I’ve completed college coursework in English, pre-law, social services, and medical terminology. My professional background is in banking, insurance (medical and property), and managing my family’s plumbing business. This experience, combined with my extensive transcript proofreading training, provides me a solid foundation to effectively proofread legal transcripts for maximum accuracy.

Fun facts: I’m left-handed. My original college major was Pre-Law. In middle school, I won our district spelling bee 3 years in a row. My dream is to travel with my family full-time in an RV all over the U.S. My first job was at Burger King. I can make a Whopper in my sleep.

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Dorros Evans

Dorros Evans

Evana Proofreading Solutions

About: I am excited to be able to combine my love for English and the law into a career as legal transcript proofreader. Evana Proofreading Solutions is your solution for PDF transcript proofreading where you can expect professional, punctual, and trustworthy service. I strive to do my best with every task that is set before me. I look forward to building a long-term business relationship with my clients.

Special skills/experience: I am described as detail-oriented, reliable, observant, and hardworking. I absolutely love learning! My background consists of healthcare and education. I have completed college courses in Criminal Law, Psychology and the Law, Paralegal Studies, and Social Work for completion of my bachelor’s degree.

Fun facts: Some fun facts about me are that I love journal writing, drinking various types of tea, and indoor gardening. My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee. I have a unique story about my name and how that led to my business name.

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Candace Camacho

Candace Camacho

Mocha Proofreading Services

About: Hello! I’m Candace and I’m the proofreader behind Mocha Proofreading Services. Reading, listening, and watching crime drama/true crime is a favorite past-time of mine. Proofreading transcripts allows me access to the legal world and combines it with my love of reading. I view myself as a member of the court reporter’s team, helping you reduce your to-do list and giving you peace of mind. I meticulously review your transcripts so you are assured that inconsistencies and errors are corrected and your work is ready to submit.

Special skills/experience: I’m an avid reader and I enjoy staying up to date on ever-evolving punctuation rules, especially as they apply to court reporting. My professional background is in the medical field as a registered nurse. This experience affords me a strong comfort level with medical terminology and with sensitive subjects in general. As a nurse, I have experience working under pressure, on a team, and can focus on the important details. My experience means I’m flexible and can easily tailor my proofreading style to your preferences and needs.

Fun facts: I’m married, have a two-year-old daughter, and a dog named Prissy. Mocha is a combination of my maiden and married names – and I love coffee! I enjoy baking new recipes and rarely bake the same thing twice (for better or worse). I love to travel and visit new places of all kinds, ranging from the World’s Largest Pistachio in New Mexico to the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

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Consuela R. Taylor

Consuela R. Taylor

Second Pair of Eyes

About: I am a former court reporter. I fully understand ALL the issues and stresses you face. In addition to my court reporting background, I also have a background in the medical field as a former Radiologic Technologist and certification in Medical Billing and Coding. Have received extensive transcript proofreading training and practice, using real transcripts.

Special skills/experience: As an avid reader, word/grammar nerd, a lover of medical and police dramas and reality shows, *Dom-Dom,* I look forward to parlaying these interests into a career in legal transcript proofreading. I will be your second pair of eyes to proofread transcripts for you, the busy court reporter. I would love to be part of your team to help make this last stage of the process as easy as possible. I will work diligently to proofread your transcripts for readability and to your preferences; while maintaining grammar and spelling integrity. I stay up so you don’t have to!

Fun facts: I prefer to go by my middle name, Renee. I’ve always been a night owl. I love to laugh! I have a dry…some would say “sarcastic” sense of humor. I can easily go down the gif/meme rabbit hole if I don’t restrain myself.

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